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I woke up at 445 in the morning the day after the election, I hastily looked at the results and with horror and dismay I realized the person I voted for did not win. I was stunned, I could not believe that America choose DJT to lead our country. I felt betrayed, scared, ashamed, a deep sense of loss and despair and cried as I watched the coverage of my country being torn apart.  

I wearily logged into work and began my day, silently crying as I spoke to each person who called to make a reservation. I ended up taking a half day because I physically could not stop crying for everything we were on the brink of losing. I was in complete shock and could not unplug myself from the barrage of coverage on social media and CNN. Eventually in the evening I stumbled upon an article from a blog I follow, scarymommy.com, with women who were speaking out afraid to wear their hijabs because of the current political climate. They were afraid to physically practice their religion in America, a country founded on religious freedom. 

As I read through the comments on the article, one comment stood out to me - a woman who said even though she was Catholic she would be happy to wear a hijab in solidarity with Muslim women and an idea was born. We created a page on Facebook, specifically to stand up for our Muslim sisters and today our idea became a reality. We brought together over 4500 women across the world and we covered our hair today in a silent protest against DJT, we covered our hair to stand with our Muslim sisters who are afraid to practice their religion openly, we covered our hair and empowered ourselves to stand up for one another. We are rising from the ashes of the feeling that our country we loved has been burned to the ground. We will stand together, we will stand for all women, men, and children, no matter their faith, no matter their race, no matter their sexuality, no matter their disability. We stand for each other, the truly good existing and lurking beneath the surface of the hatred and rhetoric we see daily.  

We will rise up, we will become the phoenix and we will not lose our rights or the equality our mothers and grandmothers fought so hardly for.

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