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There are so many thoughts running through my head and so much going on in my life at the moment.  I really don't know where or how to begin with it.  There are also so many little topics of interest to me that I weigh in on with my opinion, generally a shocked outrage on Facebook.  I am not sure if I should write about this stuff or all the personal things going on.  Traditionally my blog has always been more about me, so I guess that I will start there and attempt to write more often so my take on the bigger picture can come through. 

First and foremost, I am, surprise surprise, no longer working with the family.  Thank you Deal Chicken and Moolala for fucking us over royally, I really appreciate you both being complete assholes and breaking contracts.  I hope you both go out of business as companies since you like to steal money from your vendors, oh yeah, thank you also for ruining the reputation of my family's company, we really think your utter dickheads swell for it.  Currently I am on the hunt for a new job.  I have an offer on the table from a major cable company, which starts in 11 days, but really don't want to work there as they are kind of hated nationwide, but a job is a job and the bills gotta be paid.  I may have another offer floating around out there, that I would absolutely love to do, fingers crossed it works out, but I don't want to talk about it too much because I don't want to jinx my chance of getting it.  

Next little thing going on in my life, I broke up with the BF, it was pretty much mutual as neither one of us were very interested in each other.  Here is the twist, we still are living together as roommates, heck we are in a lease and a three bedroom house is certainly big enough for us.  I feel like my family thinks we are crazy because we are still living together, but economically it makes sense and since we, so far, get along better as friends and roommates, I feel like it will work out better all around. My best friend moved back from IL and is also living with us, so it is certainly a dynamic in our household, me, the ex, and the gay man.  It is my favorite kind of dynamic, lots of laughs with some crazy in the mix.

I am still going to school to get my accounting degree and so far am on the Deans List with a 4.0 average, so I am kicking college's ass.  I also have a knack with writing good papers, but honestly there is no surprise there in my opinion as I have been sporadically writing this blog for years.  Amazingly I like school, possibly because it is online and I do not have to sit through actual classes, but it is not as horrible as I remember from my high school years.  Each little success in school makes me proud of myself that I am finally getting my act together to do something with my life.  

I have also started volunteering with Blount County Humane Society and am now a part of their foster program.  I am fostering a beagle/coon hound mix, Elliot.  It is challenging but so rewarding.  He is a really sweet dog (although has a tendency to hump my 17lb Dachshund) and loves everyone, I do not think he will ever be guard dog material.  He is entirely too friendly, but would be an awesome family dog.  I would love to see him find a great forever home with a huge yard for him to run and with kids to play with.

Final thing for today, there is someone new on the horizon, yes I know, I never wait and take time with meeting someone new... life is too short in my opinion and why waste time on the small stuff.  It is nice to speak with someone on the same wavelength as me who has the same political and religious views as me, not to mention he is sexy as hell, but really its what is in his head that matters the most to me.  

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