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I feel like my life is a whirlwind of insanity most of the time.  Granted, I put myself in the middle of the whirlwind every time it pops up, whats a girl to do?  About 3 weeks ago, I enrolled in college to get an associates in Accounting.  I am tired of being told I am not qualified for a job because of a piece of paper.  Fifteen years of experience in office administration and customer service apparently doesn't count for a degree anymore.  I haven't been in school in sixteen years and decided to add a nice big challenge to my schedule but I am happy with my decision.

I have also been looking for a better career opportunity, hence the reason I have been told that you have to have a degree for some customer service jobs.  Why have I been looking for a new job since I have a perfectly good job with a perfectly good company?  Well the reason for that is according to one manager my self confidence is really arrogance and I am unapproachable to my fellow co-workers.  Really?? I was completely flabbergasted when this was made news to me.  Actually, the arrogance part is kind of true, but unapproachable.... come on you got to be kidding me.  So I find myself in a position where I will never advance because I am now labeled "arrogant" and "unapproachable".

I did what any normal sane person does and started looking for new employment, I am not the type to relish the thought of never advancing, I want to do so much with my life and will never be able to do anything with it if I am stuck in a dead end position.  I will admit, I jealousy looked towards the business my mother and sister run, their little jewelry business, wishing it was big enough to need me full time so I could work with my family again.  Yes we had our problems with working together, but ultimately ran two successful web development companies before the great "recession" in 2008.  I applied to anything and everything that I thought I could do, I went on interviews and guess what, most companies still don't pay jack shit in Knoxville, TN.  How are you supposed to survive on eight dollars an hour, that's complete bullshit.  Then I hit pay dirt on a great opportunity.

I helped my mom and sister out with their customer service calls on my off days from my regular position.  They teamed up with one of those deal websites and went from four thousand transactions in 2 years to eight thousand transactions in a months time.  I realized I really really wanted to work with my family again, and thankfully they realized they really really need someone to handle the constant customer calls and emails.  Guess what, I quit my job and started back to work with my family this week and love it.

I jumped into the insanity whirlwind of my family to work with them again, God help us all :)

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