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I am the type of person who gets along with everyone.  I have lots of "friends" but I have a few very good, very close friends, who I love like family.  One of those friends passed away almost a year ago to the day and she is forever in my heart and in my thoughts.

Last year I met another person, who I just clicked with and we instantly became friends, and then shortly after I found out he has cancer and I thought to myself, why?  Why did I get to meet this great amazing person only to find out he has cancer and that its pretty advanced.  Why do I have to lose another person in my life?  About 6 weeks ago he told me he was going out of the country for an experimental treatment and that he might not come back.  I've thought about him every day, hoping I would hear from him, dreading I would find out on the anniversary of Andrea's death that he had died too.

Today I just got amazing news, he's back in town, and doing better and hopefully will beat this and will be around for many years to come.  I'm sitting here in tears of happiness that I didn't lose him and that I get to see him again. 

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Hello all and welcome to What the Blog! I am Teresa, or iTeresa, due to the many i products that I have. I blog for one reason, because something happened that I feel should be shared with the world, so go ahead, laugh, giggle, cry, &; scream at the insanity of my life, because once its all said and done...What the Blog!

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