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cha·os : /ˈkāäs/Noun

  1. Complete disorder and confusion.
  2. Behavior so unpredictable as to appear random, owing to great sensitivity to small changes in conditions.
I have been thinking about a multitude of issues lately and have been wondering on the best way to bring them all to light.  We are living in chaotic times and I personally feel them everyday.  I look to my family and friends and wonder, how did we reach this point, are we going to make it though to the next chapter of our lives or are we really on the brink of destruction?  Is the world as we know it going to end?

Think about it, the economy of the United States is literally in the toilet, spinning round and round.... and no one really has an acceptable solution of how to fix it.  Jobs are hard to come by, careers even harder, what to do when there is no one willing to pay for a job well done.  How about our declining middle class, or the people like me and my family and my friends who are a growing mass of the working poor.  I work 40+ hours a week and live paycheck to paycheck praying there are no emergencies because I wouldn't be able to afford it.  How about all the lovely tax breaks for the 1% elite while I got a 2% income tax increase in January?  Or about how they say the "poor" live off of them?  Really?? I don't see how that is even remotely possible, I live off no one but myself, I get no help from the government or from any special programs, but hey making less than 25k a year is still more than the current poverty level of 15k a year so I guess I'm doing good in their standards.

According to the far right religious we are on the brink of destruction by having our government step in and allow "gay" marriage  or gun control reform.  Seriously?? How does it harm your family that if two people love one another they shouldn't have the right to marry that person?  What does it really do to you?  How does it really harm you?  It has no impact on me whatsoever.  Its their lives, not mine, live and let live.  I love it when people start to quote bible quotes on this and that and how its all wrong and my standard answer is this, if you believe that then you are sinning too, you aren't living by everything written in the bible, your a sinner, we all are, and its no ones place to judge but God. 

In regards to gun control reform, mental health checks should be a part of the background check, training should be required, what is wrong with that?  There is no infringement of your right if your a law abiding, sane citizen?  Knowledge is power, and you should want to possess any and all knowledge of having a weapon that was made to kill, oh yes I hear the arguments that "guns don't kill people, people kill people".  Let me just say that is bullshit.  Guns were created for one thing and one thing only, to kill.  That is it, so if the masses want their right to bear arms (keep in mind this was written into our constitution before there were automatic weapons) then they should be required to pass a mental health exam, background check, and go through a safety course each year, but oh no that would go against the NRA brainwashing...

Last but not least... I am pretty sure we are about to go to war, either we are about to get into a war with N. Korea and this nuclear missile mess or we are going to end up in a civil war over economic and social change on our home front.  Apparently we are not civilized at all and to that point I am ashamed of our country, ashamed of what we once were and no longer are.  What happened to America the great?  Where did it go?  We no longer have educated citizens, just idiots who care about themselves and no one else, who only cares about locking people up and not finding the underlying problems that drive our citizens to do what they do.  Its pure chaos.

Till next time.

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