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So I had a very disturbing experience last night, completely fucked up is really what I should say. Last night I am in Target getting coffee with my new friend, and all of a sudden I hear someone say my name, turn around and there is my ex's redneck bitch sister, so I say hi to her thinking that's why she said my name.

Come to find out that is NOT what she wanted, all she wanted to do was to start acting like a freaking mad woman and cause a scene in the target.  She's mad at me for leaving him, well maybe she should be mad at him for being self-centered and lazy.  Apparently me telling him that he should pay his back child support equates to me being a gold digging bitch, now that he is living with his grandmother (FYI he's 37), he can finally pay off his student loans and get his teaching certificate.  Living with me for 4 years like a normal person and paying bills is just too good for him, sorry that I don't feel like I am entitled to live off welfare others and not work, like the rest of their family does. 

I did kindly remind her that I was the breadwinner in our household for all 4 of those years, while telling her to get the eff out of my face.  On a good note, my new friend D, stood up for me which was very nice.  One day I hope to catch that bitch unaware and by myself, then we will see just how civil I really am...

Till next time

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