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I have come to the realization that I get hit on during the weirdest situations.  Today I went to an auto dealership to see about trading my gas guzzling SUV and possibly getting a small car.  I didn't leave with a new car due to being upside down on my SUV, but I did leave with a funny story to post on my blog :)

So I walk into the dealership and immediately this young guy walks up to me and asks how he can help me.  I explain that I am interested in trading my explorer for something smaller and better on gas, so off the bat he starts flirting with me, and all the while I notice that he has a very shiny ring on his left ring finger and think to myself, this guy is married.  He starts to tell me about how he just moved to TN and how he is married and hasn't been happy with the marriage for the past 5 years, but that he has 2 kids and 1 on the way.  During all this we are walking around looking at cars, at which point we walk in to pull the numbers on what I owe vs what I want. 

He then decides to drop all pretenses and lets me know he is in an open marriage and would I like to go out sometime... Seriously?? I of course flat out said no thanks, your married, that isn't my style and by the way I am seeing someone.  I doubt his wife knows about their "open" marriage and wonder how often this douche bag uses this line and how many idiotic women fall for it.  To me its sick and funny at the same time, like how you can't stop looking at a massive car wreck on the freeway when your driving home from work.

The stupidity of people continue to amaze me, even though it shouldn't....

Till next time

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