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Have you ever taken a position with a company knowing you would hate it but in the type of economy we are currently in knowing it's better than nothing? Well I have I call these types of positions "for the time being" positions, because for the time being it's better than nothing. Also referred to as a dead-end position, I eff'ing hate these kinds of jobs, nothing about them is a challenge, or interesting or fun for that matter. Also I feel like I surrounded by idiots, one of my coworkers ask me how to spell the word "hiding" yesterday...seriously?? She's 20 years older than me..she should know how to spell simple words. (FYI I am writing this from my iPhone so if there are spelling or grammer errors I apologize in advance)

So are you wondering what I'm doing for "work"? I am working at one if those pesky home improvement companies that call & set appointments to sell homeowners things like windows & siding, for some reason i'm pretty awesome when it comes to sales including telemarketing...ya so that's what I'm doing 5 days a week, it's emotionally draining.

I have been playing interview tag for the last 4 weeks with the company I want to work at doing a job I actually enjoy.. Hopefully the corporate office will get with the program & on board with the GM and we can get this ball rolling so I can get out of this misery of phone sales...

Wish me luck....

Till next time

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