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That's what I feel like screaming. What just happened! My internal voice is telling me that its par for the course, since you have crappy luck and always have. And I just want to tell my internal voice to go eff itself, but I can't since its my internal voice, not someone else. I feel like screaming and crying and just having a full out hissy fit. Of course I won't do that, but man oh man would I ever like to. So, I might as well come out with it and tell you all what happened to me today.

Its Thursday, a fantastic day for me every week. Its girls day, the day I pick my sister up, hang out with her, eat chocolate and watch chick flicks and then Grey's anatomy and private practice later on in the evening. Basically it is my Sunday, and its my happy day. Well it was ruined today.

My boss sent me a text message asking me to come in and talk to him. A quick meeting. I said sure, we set a time, and like the good employee I am, I was there on time for our little chat. Where I was told that the position I held with the company is eliminated as of today and that I along with all the other Training Supervisors company wide are effectively unemployed.

Its like a giant smack in the face, immediate shock as I wonder what the future holds for me now. So like I said, I want to scream, cry, and throw a hissy fit, because now I have to start over, and figure out what I'm going to do. Damn...

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Not easy to hear, but as a person who has been fired and laid off before you have to look at it as a new opportunity.

Anonymous said... March 06, 2010  

I am so sorry that this happened to you. I've been there and its the shock of it all that hurts so much. Give yourself time to process it. Hugs!

Sweetie, it's the higher power telling you to move on. :) Love you! Don't be sad. Something huge is on its way to you!! I can feel it!!!

Hey Theresa--found you through Lady Blogger's Tea Party. I was laid off after working in retail and...well, I celebrated like nobody's business because I hated my job but was trapped.
Now, I have an interview next week for basically the same job...but one step lower.

Such is life.

Keep up the good work here!

Thanks for the post anNEonymous Franke, I apperceiate all the support from my friends in the blogsphere.

Found you through the Lady Bloggers Tea Party! Sorry to hear about the job, but it may actually be a blessing in disguise. In the meantime, enjoy your new place! It's amazing how much a coat of paint really makes it YOURS!

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