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Drab boring walls have been transformed into warm living entities this past week.  When Kelsey & I gave up roommates forever and moved into our current townhouse, we were excited by the inexpensive price tag but I was fully aware that the walls had not been painted in between tenants.  In a way this is actually convenient, because with Kelsey moving furniture, the walls are bound to get knocked into and subsequently nicked and scuffed.  The inconvenience is of course having to paint the walls, and since Kelsey has held a paint roller exactly one other time in his entire life (the day we re-painted his room at his grandmothers house), I knew the painting would be up to me.  The issue with this is that I have carpal tunnel syndrome as well as ganglion cyst in both my wrists, which makes painting a very slow process, since I would normally do a wall or two every couple of days to keep from over doing it and being super sore.

Well I was laid off last week, and since I am full of constant energy, I went overboard and have 1/2 the townhouse painted.  My hands and wrists still hurt two days after I have put the paint brush down.  Thankfully I have a freelance project that is taking up my time, that consists of scanning thousands of images into a database to be converted into vector images to eventually be used as stencils for a very good friend of mine who owns a faux painting company.  She of course offered to send her crew over to paint for me in exchange for the scanning, and even though that would have been fantastic (for my hands anyway), I not only need the money but there would have been no sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.  I revel in the finished product as much as the actual process of being busy and getting something done, with visual results.

Below is a gallery of the before and after of my kitchen, living room, and hallway that are so far complete.  Let me just say, taping is one of the most important things before painting anything, also being neat is essential.  No drop clothes and overalls for me, my mom and dad taught us how to paint cleanly from the get go. 

Too bad I can't get flickr to show the before pics first and the after pics last, so that slide is kind of confusing, but the ones with color are the newly painted pics, lol.

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Anonymous said... March 11, 2010  

Great job! It looks fantastic. I hope your wrists feel better today!

I like it!! Expecially the gray. It's a nice, peaceful color. I guess I better get my ass north to see it huh???

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