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By iTeresa

10. Pajamas are suddenly my new business casual attire.

9. Nine to Five no longer exists, if I feel like 8 at night to 2 in the morning is going to be my most productive hours, then they are, its kind of fantastic.

8. I can stop in the middle of the day to run the random errand or pay a bill without a fire breathing dragon supervisor breathing down my neck about why I have to leave.

7. I actually eat multiple meals a day, not just one meal (usually it consisted of a muffin) that was a combination of breakfast, lunch, & dinner.

6. I actually put my creative mind to use.

5. My dog no longer pees on the floor out of spite has accidents, since I am working at home.

4. I get to see my family all the time now (um that may not be a good thing for everyone all the time though).

3. The only reason I have to DVR my favorite TV shows is because they all seem to come on at the same time, not because I am out of the house working and can't watch TV.

2. My house is always clean, fantastically clean, because I now have time to clean.

1. I have free time again, happy just to myself free time.

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Anonymous said... April 01, 2010  

Sounds wonderful! :) I'm happy for you!

Anonymous said... April 04, 2010  

Sounds awesome! Pretty much my life as a Stay at home Mommy (minus the clean house and pay check). Good for you!

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