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My sister has been harassing her finance for the past year about her hate for carpet and the love she has for laminate and wood floors. About 6 months ago, she pee'd on a stick and viola she was pregnant. Fast forward to tax season and here we have an excited pregnant sister on the phone squealing into my ear drum about how Adrian is buying laminate floors with his tax money (she put her cankle down and said carpet will go and I will get laminate floors before the baby comes) and last week the flooring was ordered. I get a text message from Adrian asking to borrow my truck to get the flooring over to their house, and wonder in the back of my head who exactly is going to install it.

My mother, my sister, and I all bullied him into having my dad install it (especially since he was a professional floor installer for like, oh' I don't know, 25 years) and yesterday I get asked to come over and help move the furniture (at 7 months pregnant, Dawn is limited in what she can do to help when it comes to manual labor) and pull the old carpet out. So Sunday afternoon, I head over there and we move various household items to the kitchen and the garage, leaving only the dining room table & big screen tv in the room (those can be pushed out of the way while installing).

Rrriiipppp.....and up comes the carpet & onto the padding....ewww...water damage & old doggie pee over by the door, kilz is going to be needed, or mold & mildew will become a good friend of the sub flooring. We roll it all up, toss it in the garage for the time being, and start pulling the tack strips & staples from the sub-floor, what a pain in the ass job. No wonder it costs a ton of money to have floors installed, removing old carpet is what takes all the time & effort (not to mention its freaking disgusting....

Monday....very early....Find out on the way to get my sister from where A. works that the doggie crate does not fit in A.'s car and that they are "loose".....Hmmm....I almost suggest to my sister they should just toss them in the trunk for the whole 5 mile drive, since in my mind they would be safer and less annoying there, but I know what her reaction would be and didn't want to hear it before coffee.

*Ok, so this deviates from my story, but....I have to tell it quickly....the last time my sister's dogs were in my car (7lb toy poodle Coco Puff & 12lb doxie Chanel), Coco Puff would not settle down, stop crying, and making a nuisance of himself, he hates the car, with a passion, and when we pulled into my driveway, I did what I always do & hit the up button on my windows to close them, I did not realize that damn dog had his head out the window and by accident shut the window on him....of course that did nothing for his hatred of cars...anyways, he is fine & survived, but I cannot stand driving with him not being locked up in a crate....*

I decided we would toss them in the back of my explorer, since its not as easy for them to hop over the extra seats to get under me while I'm driving. Stupid Coco Puff, literally wailed the entire time, I wanted to shut his head in a window again...but couldn't cause he was stuck in the far back. And since he is high strung, I listened to him bark & whine the entire day, from like 8:30 in the morning till 6:30ish that night, because I of course had to drive D. & her two dogs home (we actually gave him 1/2 of one of my Xanax's & he still would not calm down in the car on the way home, but was in my dog crate and not out & about) and help A. put the furniture back in the living & dining rooms....

What a day! I am tempted to pay for them to get their yearly shots & pay for them to go to doggie day care the next time around, I don't think I could deal with another day like that again....

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