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I haven't written a blog in 3 weeks.  Much too long for me, really.  Tons of stuff has been happening and its been crazy and I have been exhausted.  I barely see my family, my boyfriend, my friends...oh wait, my only "really" close friends Karrisa & Andrea live in Tampa, other than that my sister & my mother are my best friends....Well we already knew I work too much.  So...without further ado...a synopsis of the past few weeks....

Jan 13 - I turned 30, yeah...we found out that my sister is having a baby girl...and were completely surprised, my mother & I were convinced it would be a boy.  Had dinner at my mothers house of linguine and clams (mmmm mmmm good) and cheesecake for dessert.

Jan 14 - Went on a job interview (waited 2 weeks one of which I played phone tag with the GM to find out I did not get the job), got the keys to the new townhouse.  Kelsey and I moved all the small shit over that night.

Jan 15 - Worked all day, moved all the furniture over that night.  Thank God for Brent & his wife for helping out with their pickup truck, Thank God my mattresses didn't fall all the way off the top of my explorer driving down Kingston Pike on to my soon to be brother in law's car with my pregnant sister in it driving behind us, Thank God to the guys carrying all the heavy shit and letting me and my sister unpack the kitchen and order pizza for everyone.

Jan 16 - Electrocuted myself attempting to remove the plug insert from the old condo for my dryer....Yes it hurt, badly...Gave up on the plug insert and went to Lowes to purchase a new cord for my dryer.  Called my Dad and had him come over to put the plug on the dryer so I wouldn't accidentally electrocute myself again.  Went to work and had to clopen...i.e. close and then open the next day.

Jan 17 - Jan 23 - Same old stuff that my life consists of....work...sleep..unpack stuff....work...blah blah blah,

Jan 23 - Finally filled out the change of address form :) so I would actually get my mail and no longer have to swing by the old condo to get my mail.

Jan 24 - Jan 27 - Nothing interesting happened...why because I don't remember anything interesting happening.....So its probably a case of the same old same olds....Hmm actually on the 27th my evil mother called me at 7:30am to convince me to go to some stupid networking thing for her at 11am...even though I was up till like 3 in the morning...yes I did drag myself out of bed and I did go to the stupid meeting.

Jan 28 - Found out we were supposed to have a snow storm...blew it off cause snow always passes us by.  Did girls night with my sister, even though greys wasn't on, we watched Slum Dog Millionaire, fantastic movie, and pigged out on junk food....perfect girls night.

Jan 29 - Huh....It actually snowed...and started at 3pm like the weather guys said, found out later on that night we were on the snow/ice line and had a possibility of getting up to 15 inches of snow....w.t.f......

Jan 30 - Woke up to 5 inches of snow....more than I have seen since I was in high school....Went to work like normal, then everything turned into a sheet of ice...like an inch of ice covering the roads to the point that TNDOT stopped running the salt trucks cause the roads were too hazardous for the drivers....Finally stopped snowing/icing around 7ish, drove home going 15 miles per hour praying I wouldn't wreck my truck, while the fam was frantically patiently waiting for me to call them once I got home.

Jan 31 - Sunny day, roads were melting out, went to work like normal, found out we had to cut off 50 hours of labor for the upcoming week....peachy.....

Feb 1 - 2 - Nothing much happened, typical days work, sleep, eat and start over....

Feb 3 - Its my sisters birthday :) Picked her up, took her downtown, went by Clair's' (Kelsey's' grandmother) house, found out that his grandfather is doing way worse than I realized and is unresponsive.  Kelsey mentioned Hospice to me the week before, but didn't actually explain that he couldn't get out of bed and wasn't eating...After we left Clair's I took my sister shopping, she bought stretch pants and then back to her house to get ready and went to dinner with Adrian (Kelsey didn't come because he was helping out with his grandfather) my brother & his girlfriend.  Came home, exhausted....

Feb 4 - Bought a futon off craigslist for 45 bucks and they delivered it for me....Very old futon, never seen one like it but its pretty nifty.  Got a new TV delivered...oh ya... 42inch LCD for the living room, the 32inch LCD is moving up to the bedroom to replace the one with the slowly but surely going out picture....Kelsey came home and helped me get the ungodly heavy futon up the stairs and admired my fantastic painting skills on the two walls I painted in the office/guest room.  20 minutes later he got a phone call from his grandmother asking him to come over...they didn't think his grandfather would make it though the night....

Today Feb 5 - Took a vacation day, his grandfather is still with us but barely....I sat with all of them most of the day...Its brought back the very painful and all too real memories of when my grandfather died.  He died 3 years ago on Jan 21.  I always try to remember my grandfather of how he was before he got sick, and today I couldn't I just saw him laying there in a hospital bed, suffering and dying.  Thankfully Kelsey's grandfather, Woodrow, is unaware of what is going on and is peaceful, he is basically in a coma and according to the hospice nurse at peace.  So now we are all playing the waiting game and now that I am home and that the dog is fed and I have eaten something I decided it was finally time to write a blog, if only to give an update of whats been going on in my life.  Woodrow you lived a good life and your loved by your family as well as me.  Sleep peacefully.  Pop-pop, I think of you everyday and I miss you everyday.

Till next time,


Anonymous said... February 06, 2010  

Glad you were able to blog. I hope things better not so dark soon. Congrats on the move. Hope your friends grandfather is doing better.

Sorry the last few days have been rough. It will get better though... I promise..

Sorry the last few days have been rough. It will get better though... I promise..

Sorry the last few days have been rough. It will get better though... I promise..

Karrisa, something is wrong with your browser....every time you leave me a comment, its done 3 times.....Thank you for the good thoughts. Love you.

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