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So as much as some days are complete hell being a retail slave, there are a few things that make up for it. One of the best things are the boxes.  And not crappy little boxes, but awesome boxes constructed for books, which can be heavy, so they are not going to collapse on you while carrying your items in it, up a flight of stairs.  Since, I am a big fan of recycling, having boxes at my disposal to move with is a fantastic thing.

I do my best with using the least amount of gas/energy to keep our planet healthy and green, one thing I cannot stand is when people go out, spend money on things like, peanuts, bubbles, and newspaper to pack their breakables in to move with.  They pack their stuff up, move it and then throw it away, and even though newspaper is recyclable, peanuts being Styrofoam is not.  I have a much better, less expensive solution to this.

You know all those t-shirts, dish towels, washcloths, and towels that you also have to pack?  Well instead of using disposable and expensive packing supplies, wrap your breakables, dishes, glasses, vases, pictures, etc.. in your clothes, that your going to have to move anyways.  Its free, its space saving (since you'll be using less supplies per box), and its environmentally friendly.  Then break down the boxes, put them in your storage unit, garage, or attic if you want to save them or take them to your local recycling center to dispose of them.  Everyone needs to do their part to keep our planet green and every little bit counts.

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It is economical way to save money and resources instead of packing with excessive items that you mention like the packing peanuts and other items that are really not needed for moving.

Now all the grief I took from everyone when you were little certainly paid off. The "green" way to pack and to live certainly isn't new; but if we want to continue to live in our world and replenish our earth we should be more aware of how to be nicer to it by recycling; buying more organically, NOT poison our grass to make it greener than our neighbors and let those chemicals get into not only the soil, the air but also the water we drink but also keep our plastic usage down.

A big shout out Terri for being the earth loving daughter I raised you to be!

Thank you Mom & Dad, for the way you raised us to be aware of what nature has to offer and how to respect it.

Anonymous said... January 10, 2010  

Great tips! I have also used clothes, towels, etc. when packing to go home from a trip. They are great for breakable souvenirs. Why anybody would spend money on packing materials is beyond me, when you can walk into almost any store and get nice boxes for free. : )

Good point Terri! Horray for going green!!

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