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Why Women Become Crazy Cat Women ... The Mystery Solved!

Oh when I see my cat (s) with their loyal little faces and comforting purrs how can anyone not understand the unconditional love these little fuzzballs give us crazy women?

When not five little minutes ago some crazy-assed client was ranting and raving in one of the last 50 emails from today (Honey!) how unreasonable I was, how terrible I was, how unmovable I was that "I" was not bowing to his EVERY wish oh master client of mine for the little pennies he paid to the point I felt like he had me on the leash!

But I digress... Cats (and Dogs) comfort us when our human counterparts only want, want WANT!!!... Cats (and Dogs) while they are demanding for the most part pretty much just leave us alone; they don't MAKE us work on weekends if we don't feel like it; they don't MAKE us go to some silly place when we don't feel like it; oh they may sit on the remote, but they aren't grabbing it and changing the channel just when you're watching something or making the TV loud on commercials and low on your show! Cats (and Dogs) don't care what the hell you're eating as long as you give them a taste and REALLY don't care if that means cold pizza for breakfast!

And hey did you notice they don't care how many damn pair of BLACK SHOES you own?????

So yea, give me my human interaction for fun, sex, drinks but let me go home to my comforting nonjudgmental CATS (oh yea and Dogs too for all you crazy Dog bitches!)


Crazy dog bitch here agrees!! ;)

I find that people who are better with animals than with people usually have a big issue with trust.

No we are great with animals & people alike, no trust issues with most people :)

Anonymous said... December 09, 2009  

So well said! Nothing beats unconditional love for my dog!

-Crazy Dog Bitch in NYC :)

Love it!

Anonymous said... December 10, 2009  
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