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Thats what I hear everytime I sit at my computer.  Bella, my super awesome doxie, does this like clockwork anytime I decide to check my email, get on facebook, or write a blog.  Once I sit down, she is ready to play and when she whines she sounds like a retarded walrus, with one of her little squeaky toys in tow, waiting, no begging for me to throw it for her.....which I always do, but then she comes back for more, and continues on with it, until I throw the toy again, and so it continues.....

I had this blog planned out about my disaster of a week last week, part of it already written, but its just too eff'd up to even complete.  Suffice to say, if it included anything and everything you can imagine going wrong it did.  I got yelled at by our DM.  I came into work right after the power was tripped and set off silent panic & fire alarms, and was visited by the Knoxville PD & Fire Department, sirens, trucks, included :).  All of my Point of Sale systems decided to crash just in time for opening and I couldn't put the tills in the actual registers, while I had customers freezing their tails off outside wondering why we weren't actually open.  Another day the computer system to actually open the store crashed, with me having to call the tech support line to get the store to open, again just in time for opening, with customers outside freezing in the cold.  I woke up to this on Saturday morning....

This was the picture I took after the 6:30AM call from my boss calling me squealing like a 6 year old, ITS SNOWING!!!! Really....huh...go back to sleep till 8, snap picture then.  I then had to drive in it to go to work, with a stop to walmart on the way to pick up supplies for some goofball kiddie party at 11am...Unhuh....that in and of itself is torture....Walmart, less than a month before Christmas in Turkey Creek while its snowing.....Later in the day, we got a 220 hour cut from our original hours plan....we had to let seasonal people go, we have no hours for them, I had to personally let some of them go.  I felt horrible.  I went home and cried about it, took a xanax and went to sleep.

This week is moderately better.  Coverage at work is of course complete shit, running this store on less than 700 hours a week sucks like no bodies business, and keeping up with emails, conference calls, and task management systems on top of selling & customer service is putting and keeping everyone on edge.  But I did get some things accomplished this week, which I'm totally happy about.

1. I finally live somewhere I can decorate outside for Christmas! I hung up lights outside, it looks so cool!
2. I came up with a great idea for the 15 adults in K's family.  Last year I gave them all a Christmas card with a powerball ticket in it.  Cause really how cool would that be for someone to hit the powerball and win big on Christmas (no one did, but everyone thought it was a great idea), this year I made hot chocolate gift mugs.  I also took step by step pics of them, will write another post on exactly what I did.
3. I am completely done with ALL my Christmas shopping, and I have already wrapped everything! Normally I am last minute shopping on Christmas eve and wrapping till 2 in the morning.  I am SO happy about getting that done and out of the way early.

I also have spent some more time with my mom this week than normal.  I feel better because of it and am going to try and continue to spend time with her, it seems like we see each other less now than when I lived in a different state cause of how much we both work.  My sister is developing a baby bump...teehee....I can't wait to find out what shes going to have.  All in all, this week is so far so good.  The weather is typical TN, with snow on Sat & 60 today on Wed, with some crazy ass wind mixed in, and a low of mid 20s tonight.  I feel semi decent about work tomorrow, maybe things will start picking up and I won't have that constant stress & worry that the company won't make it after the holidays.

Till then, I'm going to keep throwing this stupid toy for the dog, as she runs around in joy grabs it and comes running back for more.

Till next time,

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