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ASJ (I of course only use initials when referring to people due to the fact that I don't want to get sued :) but with this dick, I might just have to let the real deal slip) your a fucking douche bag. Just in case you didn't realize it I wanted to publicly announce it.

The situation: A company I will call CA contracted another company I will call DDM to design a look that would function on specific website shopping cart platform and work on all browsers, which included a flash design, for a mere $500. Look done by DDM, CA continues to harass DDM because CA is too stupid to drop his own images into the cart to see the correct layout and instead blames it on the incorrect layout (uh no, your pics have a different size thats why its off dumbass), so what does ASJ of CA do? He decides to harrass DRC & DMC of DDM to the point that All MY Crazy Italian PENT up FUSTRATION with LIFE comes out in Full Fucking Force and I decide to call this asshole!

A few excerpts from ASJ emails & DRC emails:
From ASJ:

Um Ninja What the fuck have you been smoking....its a weekend...a holiday weekend at that...

From DRC:
I have the flu; can hardly lift my head... since thursday morning. I have been in bed since. I'm not working on anything at the moment. This is the first time since Wednesday night that I have even looked at my computer and I doubt I will do anything at all until tomorrow.

ASJ response to DRC being sick:
my sympathy, wishes to you,,,but,,all aside,,,i hope you have wrapped your mind around the huge problem of having this web site designed,,in an all browser readable format! and i want to see major,,, work done on this web site in short order,,, wrap it up,, like i want,,and with what you've promised,,, i have been more than patient,,anf if you think,, your pissing me off, well your right,,as any person that would put up with what i have with you,,, would be pissed as well,,,there will not be any more delays,,, or deliberate non communications,,,you wil get it done,,remeber i have paid,, in full !and all emails that have ever been sent back and forth ,,document what was agreed upon and that was promised in achievment.need i remind you that this project is well beyond your agreed and promised dead line.so,, you will deal with me in conversation professionally and regard the factual and stipulated desires of this web site to completion in short order,,it will be on your first priority list of things to do,,,your quest,,,of intellectual value,,,must be directed towards the perfecting the interspire dilema,,,in permitting this web design and other works related,,,to be read 100% accurately read in all browsers,,if,, and i repeat,,,if,,you do not understand how to do it,,,then i ask for you to put your pride aside and enquire diligently with the originator of the IS software to ensure your proficiency in knowing in exacting prescion-ness how to get it done,,,, correctly.......enough is enough,,,get this done,,,or i will converse with all parties pertaining to your ettiquette in matters pertaining to this project,,,BC and IS,,,,your delays are well beyond the acceptable limitations.remember,, that the emails in former conversations that you've sent... confirm your true former intent...of portraying that you would deliver and show me in exactiness a web page of simular to that of i predesigned,,but in reality,,, you have fallen well below the mark of professionalism and delivery,,,of what was agreed upon.i implore your response in email and expect that you will convey your intentions and full report of all the immediate resolutions i have conveyed and that you will comply to inorder to complete this project in a documented time frame,,,in which you will comply and confirm to complete in a short order ,,your utter devotion,,, is a first priority,,,,i expect your reply this evening, in regards to this pending directive,,,i hope you feel better,,but also i hope you take this present time to review all the emails,,,i have ever given you,, in accordance to the expectations,, and promised features that has been agreed upon

So at this point I am pissed, I check the site in IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and for shits & giggles jump into AOL browser & Netscape...Guess what the entire site is working on every single browser and is completely functional, minus the purchase part since he has not paid for a cart license, but what was contracted to be done is done, the site is working with a cart on a look approved by him, what I don't understand is why he is continuing to harass DRC & DMC. Not to mention the fact that this dick can't spell or write a coherent fucking email to save his life. Well its going to end. I get his phone number, give his french Canadian ass a call and tell him how it is going to be, when he calls me sweetheart, I tell him not to and he wonders what is wrong with the girls in TN, um gee maybe cause you are such a douche that you cannot refrain from being a condescending asshole by calling me "sweetheart" and I sure as hell know that my tone does NOT convey me as anyone's "sweetheart". I tell him we are dropping him as a client due to his constant harassment, that the work agreed upon is done and that is that, he attempts to "debate" it with me, and I leave it with the parting line of "Thanks for being a customer, but you are no longer a customer, cease & desist all communications with DDM, click....before he can respond.

I really cannot stand people like this, controlling assholes, they bring out the crazy italian bitch in me, and all i want to do is get in my car, drive up to where ever the fuck he is in Canada and run him down, i am of course not going to do that, but MAN what the damn satisfaction it would be if I could do that. I had to take a xanax to calm down, because really its been a hard couple of days and it was MY final straw, if you fuck with my family (which DRC & DMC are) then guess what, you have me to deal with, and that's one thing you DON'T want.

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You of course are my adopted fam Karrisa...I would do the exact same for you :)

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