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By iTeresa

So as most of you all know, my sissy is cooking a littleun' in her belly oven. Yep shes full on preg's and I couldn't be happier for her. Yesterday I went and picked her up and we went to lunch with my mom with a stop by work first to get my mom the Up DVD that came out and a book called "The Pregnant Father" for her soon to be hubby. They were already engaged, but of course now they will be getting married sooner because of her little bun a cooking. She was ravenous and couldn't wait to get to the restaurant, where she promptly ordered a ton of food, ate 1/2 of it and whined, OMG I am sooooo full! Ya thats what happens.......

So as I am driving her home (she doesn't currently drive due to unfortunate circumstances) she decides to open up the book for soon to be hubby and starts reading some of it, while stumbling over words that are small and big alike....um ya we all know that shes not the smartest cookie in the box, but whats up with the sudden lack of brain processes over here in the passenger side of my vehicle? She tells me that its cause shes preg's and that all the blood is going to baby and not brain.....huh??? really.... thats interesting.....

Must look up someday...we (I) quickly get bored of the monotone of stumbling phrases of daddy book and say, hey have you read my blog lately?? No...is the answer, why? cause my own family doesn't think to just read my blog, they all kind of forget I have one with my awesome 5 followers and my witty commentary on life in general. So she whips out her, I mean my iPhone and pulls up the greatest blog on the face of earth....iteresa.info :)

And starts to read, and starts to love it and then starts laughing so hard I think she may actually pee in her pants on the leather seats of Silver Bullet.....Yes I named my silver explorer Silver Bullet (well its not red like my other explorer and so I couldn't call it the same name, which is actually pretty gross.....bloody tampon). She giggles and guffaws all the way home popping through my typed out thoughts, where she runs from the truck into the house to pee like a racehouse, cause you know being preg's does that to you, having to pee every 5 minutes and then some :)

Afterwards, I swung by work to give CG her expense reports back, with the correct way to send off for gasoline reimbursement....I should not have gone by work on my day off....I should know this by now....got sucked into working 2 hours last night, and then got sucked into working 4 hours today....my days off this week, both of them.... damn it...

I got home, decided to make the eggplant parm tonight instead of tomorrow, 5 hours of slicing, dipping, breading, frying, and layering in two large pans later I was done, and a masterpiece was made, my awesome, yummy cheesy eggplant parm....For all to enjoy, 1 pan was made with love for my sissy and me for girls night (which will begin later than usual due to my 4 hours of work) and one for the peeps that I work with that kill themselves like me for a company that I don't think corp appreciates enough to enjoy on their awful overnight they are going to be working tonight. Hope everyone enjoys it.

Till next time.

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