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Some days I love driving in Knoxville, days like today I don't.....actually I really dislike driving in Knoxville unless its about 730am on a Sunday morning or at about 4am any morning.

There are a few reasons why and I will give you the brief synopsis of todays events. Driving to work for my baby shift, omg gonna make the light woo hoo tee hee gonna make the light to go left onto the pike....yeah....fucking asshole GD and then some, seriously the light wasn't even barely yellow, I mentally scream to the asshole in front of me.....

I think hes going to go straight, nope apparently hes one of those drivers that cannot use the little stick on the side of his steering wheel....you know that little thing, umm....whats it called....oh ya...a turn signal....effing douche bag.

Stuck behind the slowest pickup truck in history, just passed a speed sign for 45 mph, glance down to see that I am going 25 mph....f.i.n.a.l.l.y.....can pass said pickup truck driver...its always some asshole in a dodge caravan or a dodge pickup truck that pisses me off the most....anyways, just as I pass said pickup truck and start to accelerate another dipshit in a caddy cuts me off only to slam his brakes on at the next (still fucking green) stoplight.....I quickly pop a Xanax at this point, before I ram Silver Bullet up the ass end of said caddy because he is such a shitty driver....

Finally get to Lovell Rd, to finally turn onto parkside drive to get to work. Amazingly this all happened in a 5.1 mile drive over a span of about 12 minutes...and this is what it is constantly like driving in Knoxville.

To all you asshole Dodge caravan drivers (especially those of you who drive the "maroon" ones) You need to do a very important introduction...it should go something like this:

"Mr. Foot I would like to introduce you to the most important appendage of Mr. Caravan, Mr. Gas Pedal, I think you too should become intimate immediately and only should use Mr. Brake sporadically while at stop signs & stop lights and not just for your random amusement to piss everyone off behind you"

Oh and one last thing that I noticed at wally world last night, when the hell did people decide that it is ok not to stop at the stop signs in shopping center parking lots???? Some asshole about hit me last night while I was 1/2 way through the intersection cause he didn't STOP at the fucking red octagonal shaped sign that fucking says STOP on it.... Please US government stop cutting the damn dmv funding, I am noticing the difference and would like to actually see my 30th birthday in the next 2 months.

Thankful I am still here after another brutal day of driving in KnoxVegas

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