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By iTeresa

For serious, its always a Monday that the most eff'd up shiz happens.

Roll out of bed, can barely move...back hurts!!!!

Realize I'm breaking out...yucktastic....stupid hormones!

Can't find anything to wear....finally settle on an old button down shirt & jeans that I don't look completely fat in.

Get in the car with all intentions of hitting starbucks on the way to work...forget and drive by....*sigh*

Somethings wrong with the store alarm...weird beeping noise...little screen tells me to call alarm company....alarm company phone busy for 20 minutes....give up go count money.

Getting ready to carry tills downstairs...worse sound in the world....the delivery is here 10 minutes before we open ringing the bell...damn.....

Typical work, run run run, overflowing trash in the back do a trash run, box trash recycle bin not emptied yet, overflowing, gazillion boxes all over the back room.....hmmm what to do what to do....

Go to lunch, but can't really leave my walkie off....no one there who is really authorized to cover my break...have to listen to walkie bs while on break...

Finally get ahold of the printer people, finally get someone to commit to coming out and fix the printer tomorrow in the back office...Thank God.

Fire Marshall shows up....customer complained...eff you fire marshall man...go harass someone else, please come back when someone from corporate is here so that you can tell them why the way they insist our store be setup is not going to work according to your codes.....I have Nothing to do with layouts and such craziness.....huh...72 hours to fix it..ok......

Attempting to leave, get sidetracked selling a Sony Reader & accessories :)...def the highlight of the day...no take that back highlight of the day was when cg came by and said the happy skinny words and gave me some nums at lunch :)

Finally talked to my mom... Comcast is trying to eff her over...again. found out that stupid ec is harassing my sis and basically doing some illegal shit in the process...hmmm...may have to get all Sicilian Italian on this bitch and take care of her once and for all, I mean really poor d can't deal with this shit in her fragile state....

Am finally home, my hp is back :) yeah and the wireless is working double yeah :) Am chilling on the bed blogging with my laptop, and watching heroes :)

Till next time

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