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Its the day before Thanksgiving and oh what a day tomorrow will be, but for me today, was close to full out insane. Since I have been getting up at the crack ass of dawn to be at work everyday at 7am, 6am yesterday, not having to be at work till 11am today is like a vacation :). I managed to sleep in till 7:30am today :) woohoo! Ya its still really effing early at 7:30, but hey thats about 2 hours more than normal, so for me its awesome. So I am up and have all this time to kill before I need to get ready for work....I check my facebook....I check my email....bored.....make some coffee.....make kelsey get up and take my laundry downstairs (I do not carry the laundry up and down the stairs anymore after I missed the last step earlier this year and about broke my ankle...again...)..drink some coffee...boooooooorrrrrreeeeeeeddddddddd.....hhhmmmm what can I do....

Ohhh!!! I know!!! We can rearrange the bedroom furniture :) So I make kelsey get up again (God I am a bitchy get my way all the time kind of girlfriend....I do wonder why he puts up with me the ways he does, but I don't actually question him about it) and then rearrange the entire bedroom (looks much better now, don't feel like putting up pics of my bedroom for the world of inets to know every little detail about me...) During all of this, SC calls me to inform me that KK is at the store terrorizing BF, our new inventory supervisor...hmmm that sucks, am doubly glad I am working at 11 and not 7 like normal...Go to work, KK is still there on a rampage, damn you black friday, and hide out in the office doing all the cash stuff that has to be done everyday, about the time I finish, KK is gone, woohoo and off to another crazy day of work we go.

Work is work is work, and about the same it always is, run from here to there and back to here again, working on reg, finding shiz for peeps, working on my master strategy to disable the phone system (so far thats not working out), and dealing with emails & our task management system. And finally its 4:45, 15 minutes before I am off work and I realize something...Our money peoples never came and brought me change...hmmm...maybe they are running late..and so I call them, in front of RT, the supervisor taking over for me and closing the store tonight.

I call and find out that the money peeps apparently called me yesterday (they didn't) and informed me that I agreed that Friday would be fine for the change order (no its fucking not). I get the supervisor on the phone and ripped him a new asshole, as poor RT sat at the desk next to mine with a mixture of terror & awe across his face (yes I am mega bitch when someone fucks me/place I work for) and wouldn't you know it, I have that supervisors cell phone number and our change was there less than an hour later...unhuh...am pretty sure I scared RT though, oh well.

Home I come, with my chocamelpecan pie dancing in my mind, I take the dog out, plug in the Christmas Tree (YES I know I put it up early, but I don't know when I will have 2 days off in a row again to deal with it), toss on some jammies, and head to the kitchen, with my audience. That of course is Bella, Frodo, & Midnight. I chop, Bella whines, the cats just watch...I miss the trashcan, the dog gets it, scarfing whatever it may have been down....cooking is interesting with such a little dog, that seems constantly hungry. My pies are done & beautiful, I move on the the sweet potato & apple dish I am actually making to bring to work on friday, which is animal product/by product free for my vegan & vegetarian coworkers :) Bella also loves raw sweet potato, apples, as well as the peels....I caught her stretching her wiener dog body to yank them from the trash can....As I am chopping, the phone rings...its a fucking bill collector at 8pm on Thanksgiving eve, seriously??? What the hell is wrong with these people, I hope this guy loses his job, his money, and then can have a bill collector call him on the eve of a holiday whilst chopping up sweet potato with a really sharp knife. I told him to go fuck himself & hung up.

Finished up with the cooking, since i realized the spaghetti I am going to make for the rest of the work crew cannot be done tonight, cause I forgot to take the meat out to defrost, will be cooking tomorrow night too....Oh well, ate some dinsom and am happily blogging and watching Selena on the telly...

Hope everyones Turkey Day is awesome :)

Till Next Time

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