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This is the chat between me and the live hp tech agent, with a not great result at the end, have to ship off my laptop....sigh.....

ME : My internal wireless card is not being recoginized and is not working. I have a connection only by connecting via Ethernet LAN. I have tried updating drivers and BIOS, and cannot get my system to recognize the wireless or open wireless assistant

[An agent will be with you shortly.]

[You are now chatting with Abhratanu .]

Abhratanu: Welcome to HP Total Care for notebook support. My name is Abhratanu. Please give me a few moments while I review your issue description.NOTE: For security reasons, PLEASE DO NOT send credit card information via chat.

ME : k

Abhratanu : If I have understood the issue you are not able to go online wirelessly, am I correct?

ME : Yep

Abhratanu : May I please have the product and serial number of your system? This information will help me pull up the relevant details needed to troubleshoot the issue.

ME : s/n ....... p/n .......

Abhratanu : Thank you!

ME : sorry it took me so long getting it, i had to look under the computer

Abhratanu : No problem

Abhratanu : May I have 2-3 minutes, while I research this issue? I will get back to you as soon as I finish.

ME : ok

Abhratanu : Thank you!

ME : np

Abhratanu : Please tell me are you chatting from the same system?

ME : ya

ME : i have it plugged up with the cat5

Abhratanu : Okay

Abhratanu : Please Click Start , and enter "device manager " into the Start Search field.

ME : ok do you want me to open the device manager?

Abhratanu : Yes

ME : k i have it open

Abhratanu : Expand network adapters

ME : all it shows is the nvida one

ME : nvidia nforce 10/100 mbs one

Abhratanu : Okay so the wireless adapter is not at all getting detected.

ME : nope

ME : its got an orange light, not the blue one and its in the on position

Abhratanu : Okay

ME : i also tried to update the drivers and reinstall the wireless assistant and that did not work either

Abhratanu : Please give me 2 minutes

ME : and the BIOS wouldnt even download, ok

Abhratanu : Okay

Abhratanu : Teresa there is a bad news and also a good news for us.

ME : ok...

Abhratanu : Bad news is the notebook's wireless card which is integrated in the motherboard has gone bad.

ME : lovely

ME : figured that after reading the forums

Abhratanu : Oh! do not loose heart

Abhratanu : We have a good news too

ME : whats the good?

Abhratanu : The notebook is covered under a recall so that we can take it in for a free repair

ME : I was worried about the warranty

ME : so what do i have to do to get it in?

Abhratanu : The warranty is out however the recall is valid till Novermber

Abhratanu : Do not worry I will create the service for you

ME :ok november is in 4 days, is there somewhere local i can take it or do i have to ship it out?

Abhratanu : We will take it in for repair right from your home

Abhratanu : I will create the service for you now

Abhratanu : Please confirm me some informations

ME : like someone is going to pick it up? ok what do you need to know?

Abhratanu : Please confirm me your complete shipping address, phone number and also your email id

ME : my shipping address is a street in a city in tn, my phone has 10 numbers, and my email that you all send me emails to is something at gmail.com, but i have a second email that is somethingelse at gmail.com that i use more often now.

Abhratanu : Okay

Abhratanu : I will register the new one

ME : ok

Abhratanu : please give me 2-3 minutes while I create the service for you

ME : ok

Abhratanu : It will take some time

ME : np

Abhratanu : You can have a cup of coffee in the meantime!!!

ME : k

Abhratanu : Okay!!!

ME : hows it going

Abhratanu : It's going fine just validating the address etc.

Abhratanu : Please take down the service ticket number : xxxxxxxxxx

ME : k

ME : got it

Abhratanu : You will get a box from Fed-Ex within 2-3 buisness days

ME : ok

Abhratanu : The Box will contain packaging material

Abhratanu : Shipping label

Abhratanu : Instructions

ME : k

Abhratanu : Once you get the box please put only the notebook inside and send it back to us, you can either call Fed-Ex or put it in nearest drop center.

Abhratanu : Do not send us the adapter and the battery

ME :ok so take the battery out and keep both the battery & wall adapter? n/p

ME : how long will it take before i have it back and also should i back everything on it up to my external harddrive?

Abhratanu : Yes you should bacup

Abhratanu : It normally takes 7-9 buisness days

ME : only 2 weeks before i get it back??

ME : really...

Abhratanu : Yes

Abhratanu : That's correct

ME : ok

ME : is there a way to upgrade it from vista to win7 while you all have it?

Abhratanu : Please give me 2-3 minutes more so that I can provide you the service order number.

Me : Ok

Abhratanu : I personally want to express my sincere appreciation to you for being so patient and helpful.

ME : not a problem

ME : its not going to get fixed without me telling you whats going on with it

Abhratanu : Thank you!

ME : np

ME : are you still looking up the svc number?

Abhratanu : Yes Abhratanu : Actually it takes a bit time

Abhratanu : The tool which we work with ask for many details to fill up

ME : thats fine

Abhratanu : We also have to ducument all the details

ME : np

Abhratanu : Sure

Abhratanu : Could you please confirm the phone number once?

ME : xxx-xxx-xxxx

Abhratanu : Okay

Abhratanu : No problem

Abhratanu : I am sorry that it is taking a bit time

Abhratanu : Thank you for staying connected, I appreciate your patience and sincerely apologize for the delay.

ME : np

Abhratanu : Thanks!

And that is that. Now I wait for fed ex to get a box to me so I can remove my battery and pack up my laptop and ship it out to get fixed. But at least its not something I have to pay for out of pocket.

Till next time......

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