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SSDD = Same Shit Different Day....its from Steven Kings' book Dreamcatcher. The book was way better than the movie, but I feel like lately its the same shit different day circle. I am stuck in this kind of limbo with work and life in general. Our store manager is leaving us to go and open a restaurant. Kudos to her, and I am going out for the job, but the last week of her disorganized ways of micromanaging are grating on my nerves.

My schedule is completely whacked out, she let the IPT supervisor go on vacation, and on top of it all we have 3 sups to cover the week. Basically that is all but impossible. Corporate doesn't want us getting overtime, but hey I will deal with that when they realize I am getting it and the wrath of corporate comes down on my ass. But this week offically starts off this season's shopping, woohoo, getting lots of cool stuff in and whatnots, I am excited about that.

I also found a really cool doggie park thats open to the public in Knoxville, and that is happily free and complete with disposable baggies :) Yeah, always a plus when I find a place to let Bella off leash where she can go and explore and say hi to other doggies.

And of course as you all can see, I changed my blog :) I kind of love this background, what do you all think of it?


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