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Part of being a supervisor at a retail store is holding keys to the store and a code to the alarm, as is with my awesome roomie who holds keys and a code of her own to the same store. A benefit to the corporation for us to work together is that when an alarm does go off and when one of us gets called because of the alarm means they get both of us going down there. So thats what happened last night....at 2am in the morning.

We were on the couch, Kallay facebooking, me reading, both of us getting sleeping and all of a sudden her cell rings. Its the alarm company for the store we work at, the alarm is going off, cops are on their way, and off we go, me in a rocky horror picture show tee, yellow shorts, flipflops, no bra, Kallay still in her Yoga attire which is stretch pants and an FBI tee, oh the fun we are in for begins, lol. On the drive over, I call our GM and let her know whats going on, she got a call too, but also took a sleeping pill and couldn't get up and drive over there cause she was groggy & slurring her words talking to me on the phone, I promise her I will call her when we are done seeing whats up and hang on for my life as Kallay puts peanut into warp speed to get to the store (thats about 80mph on a road thats 40mph).

We pull into the store parking lot as two cars are leaving and pull up next to the cop, we explain that yep we are both sups and yep we live together so you get both of us for the walk through, which we did and we didnt find jack shit of anything wrong, well hmmmmm, I reset the alarm, call the alarm company wait a few minutes to make sure it doesnt go off again. And we're home by 3, only an hour of our night wasted due to some bs.

Driving home, we are right down the road from the house, I'm staring off into space, think of my space of staring thoughts when Kallay screeches about bunnies, and then it happens.....
thump, thumpity....and Kallay ran over a bunnie, shes all upset, freaking out, and I say, want to go back and get if off the road? Will that make you feel better? Do you still have your ice scraper in the car? Yes to all, she flips a bitch and off we go to get the bunny off the road, I took a pic of it, but decided I don't want to post it, its pretty fucking greusome and it was still alive when she nudged the bunny off the road with the ice scraper thingy. RIP Bunny


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