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By iTeresa

I have all the good ones, myspace, facebook, blogger, twitter, and loopt, all accessible from both my laptop and iPhone. Of course, this is in addition to the multiple chats I have access to, yahoo, google talk, msn, skype, aim, & icq. What this really means? I am a social network whore, ya I know not a nice word, but seriously I jumped onto the social networking bandwagon and just kept on running with it. I also text like crazy and love it, its a great communication tool as well as a way not to have to really "talk" to someone. But for all this awesomeness of social networking is it really the best for everyone? I think not, I am of the extereme of it, but take a very good friend of mine who isn't, who is actually afraid of social networking and the implications that come with it.

Implications you say, huh? Well ya, I do know for a fact that you can go to a website called PIPL, which lets you type in a persons name, city they live in, state and hit search and it will bring up every little detail it can find on that person, including pictures, social network accounts, email address, current & past physical address, as well as phone numbers, for anyone to see. Well thats fine and dandy if your seaching out your birth mother or only other biological relative left on the face of the earth, but what if its a potential employer seaching you out, and even if your myspace/facebook profile are private, it may auto pull that one picture of you and your best friend drunkly stumbling/dancing around and that would determine why that potential employer did not hire you.

Or how about that ex you left 6 states behind, you know the one who abused you that you had to basically run away from and hide out from so that he would never be able to get to you again, after a few years you meet the real person of your dreams, your on innocent facebook keeping track of past high school/college friends, and this person you haven't thought about in x amount of years sees you, begins stalking you and FINDS you because of the all great "social networking".

Now these are two pretty extereme reasons why not to use social networking and there are many great reasons to use it and why it can be a great advantage to anyone, for both personal or business reasons. A few of these include:

Keeping up to date on friends & family that don't live close by, its great to see pictures and antedotes of your loved ones you can't see on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. Free advertising, you can advertise stuff your selling, new business solutions, ideas, products and services, yourself or what ever else your trying to sell.... Rants & Raves, blogs are great for this, you can tell the world whatever you want, and with a minimun of harrassment in doing so, why? because someone out there actually thinks in the same manner as you, I personally love social networking basically because I am still amazed that people actually read my tweets, and my blogs and actually like them and think they are funny for the most part, even on my rambling days. There are lots of other reasons you can be on social networking sites, maybe you have a hard time making friends face to face, its a safe easy way to connect with other people, but for the most part, your still alone in front of your personal computer, sitting in your underwear chatting with people you don't know.

My friend who is terrified of being judged by social networking is scared of people taking her the wrong way or not understanding her dry sarcastic humor or offending someone by accident, and has just now gotten a blog together and a twitter account, hopefully she won't mind too much that I am linking this bitch in here, the reason being, shes an awesome writer and I am proud of her for finally getting over her social networking fear and finally getting with the program.

Till the next time something strikes my fancy....
Peace Out


R.H.Y.Y. said... August 02, 2009  

Amen sister! Amen!

BTW... Have I ever told you that I find "What the blog" funny, insightful, and inspiring? You should post more.

Me love you long time!

Red Headed Yum Yum xxX

"dry sarcastic humor"??? Fuck you! Fuck you and fuck your blog!! How dare you say such things about me in a public forum?!?!?

You should change the name of your blog from "What the blog" to "Why the blog" as in - Why the blog am I reading this BS!

Fuck you again,

Thanks for the plug. ;)

I see your inner sybil is coming out bitch!

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