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By iTeresa

I am stealing that line, it describes my life right now. Its from book 8 in the Southern Vampire Series written by Charlaine Harris, and of course I giggled like an idiot when I read it. Everywhere I turn there is more bs going on that I don't want to deal with and I dance around it the best I can like a demented elf, lol.

Lets just start with the basics, I took a job at a major retailer, I like the job, I like the peeps I work with, I am not thrilled with the GM and with her hands off, lack of training, "Your my NEW computer guru, figure it out" attitude, but what the hell I am completely competent and able to do this job despite that. As well as the fact that I don't really "work" with the GM everyday which is helpful. But I do bounce, hop, & dance back and forth through the issues of big retailers and attempt to plow through the mountains of paperwork, fucked up filing, and tracking systems, as well as attempt to get payroll done in not enough time. I am curious as to how the GM continues to keep her job though, since she really does not know her ass from a hole in the ground, but hey whatever I'm not corporate & I don't have a say on things like that.

Next, I'm trying to pay shit off, get shit caught up and smack in the middle is my bf, who I love, but who cannot get a decent job to save his life. He's smart, chatty, but too consumed with school and bullshit politics that really have no basis on his shitty work ethic. I am annoyed with it and am tired of begging him to please pay his share of the rent. I am tired of him calling me all the time to tell me he applied here there and everywhere without actually calling them back or speaking with the HR manager to get the job. Its kind of old to me now and even though I love him and even though he does help me out around the house like 24/7 I am getting tired of the moody bullshit and money problems, when is enough, enough?

Lastly, the fam, I am working working working, no time for myself, my boyfriend, let alone my family, I haven't seen my mom in 3 weeks, and we live less than 10 miles from each other, I feel like shit cause of it. Kind of a Fuck My Life kind of day, but what the hell....off to work again.....


good thing you have friday and saturday off! :)

As the Blood Hound Gang once put it...

"Life is short and hard,
like a body building elf,
so save the planet
and kill your self."

Not really but your blog made me think of that.

I LOVE YOU!! Don't let any of that shit get you down. You are awesome! You are the disco bunny and sexy bunny all in one for fucksake!!!!


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