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So we all know I got this corporate job and we all know I love the job itself, but what I don't love is my schedule. Ya I know retail is not going to have the most opportune scheduling, I get that, I understand it, but seriously must it be so whacked out every week? I am playing phone tag with my bestie in FL, see my family less now than I did when I lived 2 states & 6 hours away, and sleep weird hours.

I was an hour work late yesterday, why cause I had to close on Saturday night and turn around and open on Sunday morning. Again sorry to the 3 people who waited an hour for me to get there, I am an asshole and know it, what makes it worse is that I you all don't have my cell phone number to call me and be all like wtf, seriously I would have left after 20 minutes if I were in your position, but you didn't and I appreciate that. But I have to sleep a solid 7-8 hours to be a functioning adult, I cannot do it on 4 hours of sleep like roomie, I am just not "wired" that way.

And as everyone says to me, jeez I haven't seen, hung out, chilled with, you in like a month, I always respond, well its a schedule thing and really it is. What else can I say except that if I was in charge of scheduling, I would do a monthly availability form for each employee, find out what my allotted hours from corporate is and then schedule accordingly, basically make a master schedule and tweak as needed, for a few reasons, one being that everyone get basically the same schedule each week, with the same days off each week, working the same hours so that they would know what to expect for family time, and know they have two days off in a row, none of this work 3 days get 1 off, work 1 get 1 off and then work the next 6 in a row or some such shit. But hey, I'm low on the corporate totem pole and don't get much say in what is and what isn't....Oh well, cause you know, its a schedule thing....

Peace Out


Sounds like you need to take over make the schedule. Why shouldn't you? You already do payroll and the rest of the office duties?? Tell whoever you should that you want to give it a try.

Karrisa xxX

ps. you're it!

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