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So I switched jobs again, I wish I could find something that I both enjoy and get paid well at, and very well may have found it. I had to sign an NDA otherwise I would say who I am working for, but I am not sure exactly how much shit is legit to say and not, so ya I have a job at a retailer that is world wide and is well known, I'm the store trainer/office supervisor and so far like it, as well as the pay and bennies after the initial 30 days :)

One odd thing though, the GM realizes I am super smart, but apparently does not get the fact no matter how much I have with computers & administration type of work, I have NO clue what their systems are and NO clue about actual "retail". So my first 3 days kind of went like this:

Day 1: Come to work, learn how to count safes & register tills (easy breezy), get a 2 minute quickie overview of the register, and then I'm left to fend for myself....huh?? ummmm, customers start to ask me questions like, where would this product be, or do you have this in stock, and so on and so forth....I haven't even walked around my happy box store and have no clue where anything is at, don't get me wrong, I quickly taught myself the seach inventory program, but...just cause inventory says its there doesnt actually tell me where it actually is....sooo much fun....I am then given keys to the store, go on lunch and then the store trainer from the other box store in town comes in to teach me how to do payroll, yet another breezy type of deal and then the day is over....day 1 accomplised with me knowing the majority of the administrative side of my position, yeah :)

Day 2: Starts off with me at the other store to learn the rest of my administrative duties, like entering in new employees and how to process new hires, where paperwork is and whatnot as well as how to deal with time clock issues, I am still lacking in a few things, but will be trained on those at the store I work with, go on lunch and head back to my store to finish out my shift. Where I feel that I am on the run, of course I am, what with being service manager, attempting to restock, falling over footstool in FRONT of everyone while screeching out an obsenity and thankfully not pulling the shelving down on top of me that I tried to catch myself on the way down, I am curious to see what that must have looked like on the security cams...teehee, up to the office to enter MYSELF into the computer, why...cause my GM just doesnt care to know HOW to or want to LEARN how to actually do that....good thing I'm honest....back to the floor, GM leaves and I am in charge by myself...on day two, am supposed to close...the overnight shift comes in along with the Sales manager, but of course she is too busy doing what she is there to do to really give me the closing breakdown, thankfully one of the other employees that used to do the office stuff thats moving was there and offered to walk me through it, easy breezy once I knew what to do :) Get a phone call from the GM asking if I would stay late to help with straighting the shelves and stuff cause the district manager is coming in on day 3 and blah blah blah, worked 1-12 on day too....but am still here, and amazingly still like the position.

Day 3: no opening stuff, no closing stuff, short shift from staying over the night before, but with sore knees from falling over the damn step stool the day before. I come in, the cafe sup goes to lunch the GM goes to lunch at the exact same time, get SLAMMED busy while they are gone, its me, one info counter person, one cashier, one cafe person, thats it....insanity, OMG the insanity, damn phone ringing, customers asking for stuff, me on reg and trying to keep the line to a dull roar...Finally the two other sups come back from lunch to go to an immediate conference call that lasts an hour + instead of the 1/2 hour on the schedule, all I want at this point is a smokey treat, maybe a xanax.....Finally get to go on my break after dealing with a million more customers, finally get my alarm code taken care of, dealt with the lady double billed on her card 2 months ago, do the cash verification and get the hell out, on my way home swung by my moms, got my avon, some xanax and a bud for kallay and a sparks for me....

Now I am happily relaxing on the couch 2 xanaxs & a tall can of sparks later....Thank god for the little things in life.....

Till next time....peace, or an illusion of it created by xanax :)


lol... you can call me kallay. you don't have to call me cafe sup. lol

Red Headed Yum Yum said... July 21, 2009  

ummmmm.... sparks.... interesting combo though... sparks and xanax... :) Only Terri...

Sounds like work is crazy! It will all pay off in the end though when you figure it all out and becomes second nature to you.

Love ya!

R.H.Y.Y. said... July 21, 2009  

PS. How do I go about setting up a blog for myself??

I will walk you through it later on today when I'm off work, which is 4 today, so will call you around 6 if your going to be around and have some time :)

Anonymous said... July 28, 2009  

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