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So after the closet fiasco yesterday, as I was finishing up and carrying the last of my laundry down the stairs to wash, when it happened....I was carrying the tall basket (about a foot shorter than me) and of course I couldnt see the stairs from carrying this huge basket, and missed the last step, and down I went, as clothes scattered everywhere....I now have a very swollen very hurting sprained ankle.

All is well though cause I am used to spraining/breaking my ankles, this certainly isn't the first time down the road of ace bandages & ice, thankfully its not a cast I'm going to have to wear. After all this excitement I met up with my mom, who happily handed over some pain meds, went home to chill & play some farm town with the awesome Kallay. About 1/2 an hour later, in pops Heather, she stumbles into our condo and exclaims, I need that table on the deck you have for beer pong and you guys need to come next door and drink with us, as we as "who is us"? The party consists of Heather, our next door neighbor, Tara, who lives on the other side of Heather, and a couple Marcie & Chris who live 2 condos across from us, & their buddy Jason who is in town from NC. Ok, we're down, Kallay & I quickly change clothes, I pop a pain pill, and hobble next door to enjoy some "V" festivities.

The V actually stands for Olde Colony Village, the name of the condos we all live in. Rum & Crystal light in hand and I giggle as I watch Heather & Jason play Marcie & Chris in beer pong, H&J lose the first game, win the second, & lose the third, Tara stumbles and mumbles around, and Kallay & I just giggle like 6 year olds, and then it gets really interesting. Marcie & Chris head home, with Jason saying he wants to hang for a little bit more, and all of a sudden, sccrrreeeccchhh....and theres Snowflake.....nope! Its Joes drunk ass - this guy is down to party all the time and lives across from our triplex, our decks look at his front door basically. Joe isn't driving, since he can't walk (will get to that in a sec), his buddy driving, screeches to a halt in front of Joes condo, jumps out of the car, throws his hands in the air (we are of course cackling like crazy at them) and screams "aaahdkdjsljdsfijleskfefe" thats what it seriously sounded like, I have NO idea what the hell that guy said, but it was the funniest thing I ever heard. Heather yells at him, hey were you that retarded guy in the water boy? As we all crack up laughing, that guy Jason is horrified, saying you can't say shit like that, what if that guy has a speech inpediment kind of bs, and then Joe walks around the car, for what reason we will never know, and asses out on the pavement, just like boom and its all Man Down, Man Down, hahaha, what a great night.

It ended with some other chick pulling up in a lexus, us yelling at her as shes walking up our street in 4inch hooker heels looking for Joe, and that concluded yet another Saturday night on the V. This moring Sunday Funday started off with adult slip n slide & mimosas, lol.

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