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I know its been a really long time since I've posted, really haven't had much to say, amazingly my life has been fairly calm, therefore providing me with nothing to say to my few followers. But I will give you the quickie recap of the last month or so since I posted about that awful water company, and have to date not received a water bill......

The past month:

*I am still working with Cloud 10 on the Qwest Communications project, I am also the top producer at Cloud 10 on the project, have gained recognition from the C10 CEO as well as the Qwest bigwigs - although still no commitment on a raise...

*Kallay & Chris are official and he is moving next weekend from Hilton Head to Knoxville to live with us (we are about to become a 4some, peachy)

*I got the bridesmaid dress for Tina's wedding I'm in on June 27.

*I am still aware that the economy sucks and that having no spending money sucks even more, am also furious that gas is on the rise again.

*Kelsey & I are talking the big M and are talking rings, whens, wheres, whos, etc...after he gets done with school & has a decent job of course. I am also being sucked into the hell of having to help my sister plan her wedding.....

*My mom, sis, & I started a new website, www.ourbeautymark.com, and are Mark. representatives, so if you need some awesome beauty & skin products, check out the site.

* There are big changes on the horizon and you need to keep checking back to see whats in store for me & the fam.

Now to the real reason for my post today:
Remember how we moved into the condo with the awesome closets, really its a small room they call a "walk-in" closet, back in March. Well let me just say, organizing said closet is insanity. I had it all nice & organized, then work & life happened, shoes everywhere, one side designated to clean unfolded, unhung, clothes, one side with all the dirty laundry that accumulates over the week.

I'm organizing it again, because my brother is moving today and he is giving me a couple of dressers he doesn't need anymore (downsizing) and of course I really don't have room in my bedroom for another dresser, although I NEED another dresser for my clothes. So I am going to put one of them in my ginormous closet, since its like 6x8, and there is plenty of room in there for a dresser, but to do so, I have to get everything off the floor, and hung or folded, or downstairs to the washer and into the washer, and its taking forever (of course sitting here blogging about how much I hate organizing my closet, doesn't really "help" the situation or get it done faster).

I also wonder why I let my closet get this way, its a monthly thing, me having to organize it, the rest of the house...is spotless, all the time, vacuum every other day, run the dishwasher almost constantly, but when it comes to my closet, its more of a disaster area than not, sigh*, maybe its cause no one ever sees my closet, but plenty of people see the rest of my house, anyways, time for me to stop ranting and get on with it.

Dads gonna be here at like 4ish with the dresser & I really do need to have it together. Back to the closet (room) and to making it look as spotless as the rest of the house.



and then she falls.....

I sure did, its all explained in the blog above this one, lol.

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