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As you all know I live in this really old house here in Knoxville. I like my part of the house, it was split into apartments and the way it is setup is that there is a common main door, the front door on the house, and then when you come into the foyer you either go to the door on the left which is the main floor of the house & an apt or you go up the stairs to our door which is our apartment. Now I have had a couple of disturbing events go on this last week that has cemented my decision to find another place to live.

The first event is from last Wednesday when unannounced the landlord & a contractor showed up to price out insulating the attic spaces & walls (house is 100 years old) and the landlord kindly informed me that Kallay & I owed two electric bills, one for $374 and one for $454, and I of course gave him the look that one may have thought he sprouted a giant dick growing out of his head, since he has now become that in my estimation. The reason why I don't actually get an electric, gas, or water bill is because the apartments are not metered separately, so when I requested a copy of said bill along with the breakdown calculation he tells me to email Cheryl, and I still do not have a copy of those bills and am not paying one red cent until I do have them, because I think they are full of shit to be honest.

Now on to my next incident. I hate the guys that live downstairs, with a passion hate them, well two of them anyways. Trevor & Matt - brothers from rednecky Chattanooga. The other guy Quentin, who is not much better, is tolerable. Kallay and I have basically suffered through their bullshit from day one of moving in, ringing the door bell in the middle of the night when their drunk asses lock themselves out, slamming doors, blocking the driveway, leaving their restaurant shit in the foyer, on the front porch, beer cans in the yard along with popcorn & french fries, & onions, its been an experience to say the most, but this latest incident was MY last straw. If I still owned a gun, I would have shot Matt the other night, and seriously would have had every right to.

Imagine this: 2:30am Wednesday morning, I am at my computer with 8 nursing homes to go on this list I am being paid to compile and am just about done with it, Kallay is at her computer facebooking, myspaceing, blogging, surfing, whatever, Kelsey is in bed sleeping, dogs are sleeping at our feet, and all of a sudden Kelsey says, someone is ringing the door bell, we of course cannot hear it cause we are on the otherside of the house from where the front door is. I giggle and say just ignore them, locked out again. Kallay being much nicer than I am gets up and goes to let them in, and for about 5 minutes I work peacefully in my own little world when all of a sudden that fucking idiot Matt is in MY BEDROOM SCREAMING AT MY BOYFRIEND...Holy fucking hell and all that shit so I tell Kelsey to stay in bed, pratically drag this idiot out of my room as he is blabbering on about a flowerpot outside smoldering and that either me or Kallay must have put a cig out in it, um hello i have not walked outside since 4pm in the afternoon, I am telling him to get out of my fucking house and end up having to call the police at which point he proceeds downstairs to the foyer to scream some more, something comes out of his mouth that includes "your truck" and the word "bumper". I move my truck, and get the hose, turn it on, put out the smoldering pot call him a pussy and go back upstairs, cops show up, do nothing since they refuse to open the door to the cops and leave without saying another word to me.

I email Cheryl the next day & get a 1 line respose back "sorry you had to go through that, I let russ know" and find out from Quentin last night that Russ told them to "be nice". What the fuck, they trespassed into our apartment, drunk, screaming, have been stealing cable from me for 6 months and they are told to "be nice". So I am going to get out of this lease and I am going to get my deposit back and I am NOT going to be charged for breaking the lease since my sanity & safety have been compromised. Like I said its my last straw and I am over it all.

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