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You know I am one of those people who are used to a little weird in my life, but lately it has been more so. I know that it is probably because I am broke as a joke and am answering all the freelance ads I feel I am qualified for but seriously it is kind of ridiculous anymore. Ok so we all know my truck got hit with a tree branch, most of you know that I don't get paid until March 20th with super cool new work at home for Cloud 10 (I have waited too long to get this job not to deal with the pain of no money) and that I used rent on the truck deductible. So now I am in this predicament of having to come up with rent by the 5th unless I want to pay the late fee. Oh and my truck payment by the 11th. So life generally sucks all the way around, including donating plasma for the money for groceries & pet food.

I have begun trolling craigslist for any type of administrative/secretarial type of work in the area on a freelance basis, since part time jobs won't hire you for mornings & weekends only around here, the job market is horrible. Money is tight and I really hate to sell myself for 6 bucks an hour, but would have if there was something in my time range. I look at craigslist everyday a few times of day to keep up with the new posts and truely all I ever really see is something awesome full time (no I am NOT going to give up my dream of working at home) or scams scams and more scams. Kallay text messages me on Monday last week, there is this lady who comes in the cafe and she needs servers on the weekends in the morning at this pancake place, but the catch is its in Gatlinburg, hmmm thats kind of far away, but what the hey, its touristy and it will bring in the cash. I meet her on Thursday and talk to her and she hires me on the spot, and I am all happy because I will have some cash this weekend. Friday she calls me and tells me that her husband doesnt want to hire anyone else right now and that shes sorry and I am gracious towards her, but at the same time I am pissed, because she should not have offered me a job that she could not offer.

I am back on craigslist and come across a post for someone needing a cover letter & 1 page business plan and quickly call him, and amazingly no one has gotten the project yet, woohoo, I look up the info he gives me and call him back with a quote that he readily agrees to, and thats an easy 50 to 100 dollar project that can be completed in less than two days and I am that much closer to rent, its the other two ads I responded to that are the strange.....

The first one is an ad for servers and not in the restaurant section, but in the gig section, I respond and get a phone call back within a half hour. Ok motivation is the name of the game, I find out a man is throwing a private party and needs basically cocktail waitresses for this deal going on, its a four day party that is being held in Knoxville, the catch, is that I will be dressed as a Leprechaun with a garter belt for the guests to put tips for me in.....and yes I 100% am going to do it cause as long as it doesn't involve illegal activites or me stripping I am down at this point.

The second ad is for internet research & document writing, to which I respond with a resume of my past experience, because in my mind why would this guy want me to do a project with him if I don't have interenet research experience. Apparently I am one of three of close to a hundred responses that sent a resume and live less than 5 minutes walking to where he is located. Needless to say I got the project, with a very strange guy who asked me if I had played the "gong", yes a literal gong, today when I met with him. But all is well he needs work done, is willing to pay and is close by. Maybe a few more things will come along and I will have all the money I need in the time frame I need it.

Also, friends of blogland, if you need any freelance administrative, secretarial, or research work done, let me know, I will be more than happy to help you out, ensuring my continued comfortable existance, lol.

Peace out...

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