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When Kallay & I found the house that we currently rent, we were amazed that there were two extra rooms off the main living areas that were not being used as anything other than storage. The one room is of course perfect for storage since it is more attic like than room like, exposed beams, mini me door to get through (seriously I am the only one who can walk through that door without having to stoop over). Then there is the room off of my bedroom, and is almost as large square footage wise. We decided that this room would be the office/laundry room. Its the laundry room not by our decision but by the landlords since it was the only place the washer & dryer could go since that is where the "wet" wall is and where he ran the lines for the washer to work, apparently a dryer can go anywhere there is an outlet, but hey I wanted to keep them close together.

<--The office when we moved in

When we had the cable setup the cable man nicely ran the line under the door (yes under the door since he was not "allowed" to drill holes in the wall without prior written notice from the landlord), even though we had been told to do whatever we wanted as long as it improved the value of the house. For months we have struggled to get another desk to hook Kallays computer up and to try and figure out the best way to vent the dryer. Finally it has all come into what is now an office, John the maintenance guy hooked up some indoor vent thingy for the dryer, good bye humidity & condensation in the room. I got a drill for Christmas and have successfully drilled a hole in the wall to run the cable through. My brother gave me a desk from our old office & a regular office chair today so no more old dining table & super low to the ground chair for me (yes I passed those on to Kallay, but my job is working at home on the computer all day and I need real equipment that will not kill my back & hands all day, plus she is 7 inches taller than me and it doesn't bother her like it does me).

So here I am happily typing away in my "new" office/laundry room looking forward to the day tomorrow that I get to spend in here working comfortably. Also I did put another blankie under my desk for Bella, since she has to sleep near me throughout the day :)
<-- The office today :)


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