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Ok so I started this blog while I was at the current path my career has veered off into. Work being Dazzo's Italian Castle on Gay St in Knoxville TN - Yep if your local you need to visit, why you ask? Because even if you are on a diet, come out and eat something awesome for dinner, no for real, it has been a slow evening workwise. Probably because it is A) Monday, B) the Monday after a major holiday i.e. New Years, and C) Cold & Raining, but seriously I could care less why your at home and not in the restaurant where I work, the reason being....I need to pay my bills too, so please eat out and tip me well, lol.

Ok quick run down on the scene the past few days, a blur of pizza, pasta, and limited time with the fam, boyfriend, friends, and puppy. Oh Miss Bella, how I feel that you have been negelected what with Kelsey taking care of you and me being, well at work. I made some good money in tips last week, but please, let that continue this week....

So here is my gripe of the day:

Ladies and you know who you are, you came in mid last week and left me a shitty tip, apparently you came in again on Friday and I did not wait on you, but today, seriously, 3 of you and you for some reason deigned not to tip me, what the f! I brought your drinks quickly, served your food quickly and made sure you had need of nothing, while managing 6 other tables at the same time. So please folks remember, the people who serve your food make a whopping 2.13 per hour, we survive on our TIPS, yes money can be good, but when you spend 30 bucks in food and don't at least leave 15% its a slap in the face to the person you served, cause either I did not do my job right (and seriously if I didn't how come the dudes at the table across from you gave me a $20) or your just a bad tipper which is what I suspect. But let me tell you what ladies, next time you come in, get the food yourself or pray someone else is your server, since I will no longer take care of you.

Just a friendly reminder that if you can't afford to eat out, then don't you need to figure in your tip with your check amount in advance....Also, if you do happen to be local and decide to come in and eat, bring cash, our machine does not have a tip line on the slips and cannot be added to a credit card order.

Despite the trio of hags today, I still made a decent amount on lunch, too bad dinner was dead and I got sent home, but you know what Scarlett says, "tomorrow is another day".

Peace Out

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