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Its finally here, 2009 woohoo! So I have been trying to write a blog for the past two weeks and have literally been too busy to do so, I haven't even been checking my email its been so crazy in my life the last couple of weeks, so here goes. This is our Christmas Tree

Christmas was great except for Kallay being in Michigan. I helped my mom last minute shop on Christmas Eve, helped wrap, went to a party at Heidi & Toms house (Kelsey's cousin), what a crazy day that was, finally Christmas came to much arguing on my sister & moms end, but I still ended up with some good shiz, ate crab & shrimp galore and then headed to Clairs house (Kelsey's grandmothers) to hang with his family, which was fun and relaxing.

Here is the stuff I got, new dvd player, tools, pj's, lotions, & Coach :) Yeah!

Bella got a new toy, that I have named "Humpee" since all she wants to do is hump that thing....

As you all probably know, I hate the stupid temp job, I hate not making any money and I cannot stand staring into space for eons upon eons waiting for a call that is not going to come in because everyone else in the free world is enjoying their holiday weekend. I don't have a problem working on holidays, I just have a problem working and not doing anything, so of course my job seach continued....I finally picked up a waitressing job at a new restaurant downtown called Dazzos, an Italian pizzeria with homemade everything else included, I am talking some of the best fried calamari and pastas around. And its slammed packed busy, and I am FINALLY making the money to pay my bills thank god, so I have been working like crazy.

New Years was interesting in and of itself, some Kelsey drama, but nothing serious. We are all still here no worse for the wear. Kallay met a nice guy at the club and hmm we shall see, he came back so we decided he deserved to be called by his name and no longer "New Guy".... Below are the Happy 2009 Pics....Enjoy....

Needless to say its was a fun filled and crazy night.

Peace Out...


hee hee.... we're pretty....

I know we are :) teehee

karrisa - aka. red headed yum yum said... January 15, 2009  

OMG!!!!! I LOVE THAT PURSE!!!!!!! I want I want I want!!!! You lucky thing! Did I tell you that Dad & pidle gave all the dogs Coach collars for christmas?? They look so cute. Now they are lable whores... they they refuse to wear their old target ones... :) I've decided to become a coach lable whore too. They always have the best stuff!!!

Karrisa - aka. red headed yum yum said... January 15, 2009  

ps. New Years looked like a fun night!! I wish I was with you guys!!!

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