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For those of you wondering what "FML" stands for, its an acronym for Fuck My Life. Many times over the past year I have used FML because 2008 sucks. Family owned business is no more. Hilton Head is no more. Cold weather is here to stay and so is the shitty luck.

I was fired today. I was not fired for being late. I was not fired for failing to do my job. I was not fired for being an asshole to customers.

I was fired for bad handwriting, for answering the phone on the first ring, and for not lying to a customer.

My former boss refused to get with the age of computers and did not like my handwriting while filling out the checkbook & invoices, which is a sight better than his left handed chicken scratch.

My former boss believes that by answering the phone on the first ring, I am portraying that we are desperate for business.....hmmm the economy sucks, I am good at customer service and I have always answered a phone, any phone, on the first ring.

My former boss also believes that when a customer decides they cannot afford 2 grand to rebuild their transmission then we should tell them that its in an acid bath already and convince them they have no choice, I told this person I did not know where we were at with the truck and would get back to them, its fucking insane.

Then as I am in my car, backing up to leave he comes outside, I am clearly crying because I just got fucking fired, and he told me that I could keep my job, if I would take a two dollar pay cut. I worked 50 hours a week for him for 550, and he wants to drop my pay basically to 400 bucks a week. Fuck that, now I know why I got fired, cause he doesnt want to pay me what he agreed to pay me, that is without over time of course....So I can keep this position by killing myself, or I can work 1/2 the hours at a restaurant and make more, so job hunting here I come.

Like I said FML

Oh and by the way, rommie is broke, we have no food, and life generally sucks all the way around.

Merry Fucking Christmas to me.


and me...

Aw Teresa; I am sorry to hear that you are having such a shitty time. I wish there was something I could say or do but unfortunately mailing alcohol is illegal :(

Fuck 2008.

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