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I had to go to Thanksgiving twice yesterday. The first one was at my moms house, so like every year, I was required to be there by Noon, this year bringing with me my newfound family since last year, my boyfriend Kelsey and my roomie Kallay, the car trip started as any car trip with the three of us involved, but since it was Thanksgiving I immediately laid some ground rules.

*Quick background: Kelsey is a history major at UT and will graduate this summer with a bachelors and plans on teaching history, so alot of the conversations we have involve historical events.

Anyways, we head towards I40 (my mom lives about 15 miles west of me) and Kelsey brings up commies as in communists.....I quickly say, NO I do not want to talk about commies on Thanksgiving, why, because its a holiday we give thanks, has nothing to do with commies and since I was born in the 80's I could care less about it, since it has nothing to do with ME. Kallay tells me to smile, Kelsey asks me if I'm mad, and my response is to smile and say no, nothing wrong with me, not mad, I continue to drive. All is quite for a few minutes and then comes the "so and so was pregnant and then so and so lost the baby, *pause* because her body rejected it" from my boyfriend.....I almost crashed my truck from the inappropriateness of this conversation, I feel my blood boiling and I quickly state in my I am in control voice (which means, one more thing and I will go off voice) "We will NOT discuss "lost" babies or fucking commies today, it is Thanksfuckinggiving" and what do I get, but a petulant fine I just won't say anything again today from him, as Kallay sits next to me and giggles and tells me she loves me like air. My day has offically been ruined, even though know one knows it yet, and until they read this blog, they still don't know it.

Heres the deal, I do not like talking about bad times on a day that I look forward to giving thanks for what I DO have.

I am thankful for my family, and for the fact that this year, I not only live in the same state as them, but in the same town, 15 to 20 short minutes away on I40. I am thankful my grandmother is still with us, I am thankful that we are all semi healthy and that we got to spend another holiday together.

I am thankful for my soul mate, my roommate, my best friend Kallay. She is one of the only people who fucking get me, she understands me like no one else, why, you ask, cause she is my fucking soul mate, and not in the sense of the "one" I am supposed to be with forever lovey dovey bullshit, uk, I will have to write a blog about that to explain it.

I am thankful for my boyfriend Kelsey and for meeting him and having him in my life, and having someone who cares about me even though he doesnt always understand me.

I am thankful for all my friends, Karrisa & Andrea, James, Tina, Heather, and Kerry even though I don't see them hardly ever or talk to them as much as I would like to.

I am thankful that I have a decent job and that my boss isn't completely insane (only partially).

I am thankful for my health, and for the cool ass house I get to live in and I am thankful for my pets, because when push comes to shove, they love me unconditionally (as long as I continue to feed them anyways) :)

But ultimately - I fucking HATE to listen to depressing SHIT on a day we are supposed to give thanks, it just fucking ruins it for me.....

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