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<-This is me at work.......

I am employed at Transmission World.....
I am surrounded by men (I use this term lightly).

There is G. the owner, originally from Queens, he says he is 5'9 (hes not, more like 5'6 or 5'7), he is Italian, and has mood swings to rival any chick going through "that time of the month". There is J. one of three "technicians", we do not use the term mechanic since apparently you learn more shit to be considered a "technician", he is from somewhere in the south and is definitely comic relief through out the day. Then there is B., another "technician", he is Polish and is the best when it comes to sexual innuendo and being inappropriate towards the female office manager (me). T. is the third "technician" and the newest one (besides me) to the family of transtastic, topping it off with sarcasm and borderline bipolar disorder. Oh and let me not forget Sheriff & Deputy, G.'s beloved dogs, they contribute to that odd stench that I have to endure during the afternoon.....Yes its what puts fun in dysfunctional that makes up my living from day to day.

6 Days a week I drag myself out of bed to go and "manage the office", I have to be there by 7:45am at the latest, otherwise there is hell to pay. I work till 5pm M-F and till 11:30am on Sat (Thank God for Sat being a short one). I do what any office manager does, I answer the phones, I set appointments, I call and order parts, I write checks, I go to the bank, I call the rental car companies, I write warranties, I call to have cars towed in, and I get car info off the cars when they come in, no matter how fucking cold & rainy it is, and I take those damn dogs OUT. I have a dog - Her name is Bella, when I go to work, she goes to her room "crate" and when I get home from work, I take her out. I DO NOT take my dog to work, why?, because it is distracting when you have to take a dog out and do everything else that MUST be done within that day. If my 9lb Dachshund at 5months old can hold it while I am at work, then his 75lb & 63lb dogs can surely do the same throughout the day.

Anyways today was one of those days.....I went to work, and was doing my work thing, had 4 cars towed in today, had customers in and out, parts people in and out, took those damn dogs in and out, and then it hit me, I am going to have to miss a day this week. Its Thanksgiving week, and I am pretty sure that I don't get paid for Thanksgiving cause that is not a day that I work, well fuckity mcfuck fuck. Anyways this blog is more about my random thoughts and not really about anything in a coherent order, but ya, I'm slightly peeved that I am going to loose a hunny this week cause of holiday and that definaly sucks ass, but I am hoping enough peeps come in that we will have an awesome week anyways and that I will still be paid my regular anyways, lol.

As a side note to all the idiots that drive.

1. If your car is leaking red fluid...its either transmission fluid, powersteering fluid, or brake fluid - STOP FUCKING DRIVING - TOW IT TO A SHOP
2. If your car revs up to 6k RPM before catching gear and actually moving forward - your transmission is slipping - STOP FUCKING DRIVING IT - TOW IT TO A SHOP
3. If you have NO reverse, your transmission is FUCKED - STOP FUCKING DRIVING IT - TOW IT TO A SHOP

The longer you continue to drive on a bad transmission, the more internal damage you are doing to your vehicle. We replaced a transmission in an 05 Nissian Altimia, a 3 year old car, why because the guy kept driving it After the car was slipping and continued to drive it until he lost gears. The more damage you do internally to a transmission the more expensive it is to rebuild that fucker, take it from someone who on a daily basis gets more 2002 to 2004 cars and trucks than any 90's, 80's, or 70's models combined.

Fucking Minivans are pieces of SHIT - Never buy a minivan, if you do expect to put a transmission in at 80k to 100k miles, that includes honda models as well, so just remember that little tibit as well.

Peace out


at least you didn't dump an entire fucking mop bucket full of dirty water all over the cafe when you were JUST about to leave.

i could cry right now.

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