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Parking Lots:
I have gone over the details of my habit to lock myself out, on a near constant basis, but I have yet to relay my tendency to lose my truck in parking lots. I lost my truck at the Super Walmart last night after work and then again today at Lowes. If I am distracted by the constant stream of my never ending thought process, then I will most surly lose my truck in the parking lot.

I sometimes remember to look at where in the wall the row I am parked on ends, the majority of the time I do not, and then I am stumbling around the Walmart parking lot, hitting the panic button on my truck that does not work unless you are within a couple of car lengths from it. Most of the time, I am giggling on the phone with my roommate or my mom as I yet again attempt to find my truck, but what can I say, it is what it is.......

Computerized Dryer & Shoddy Electricity:
I have a GE Harmony Dryer, its all computerized and electric, no buttons or dials, just a nifty touch LCD screen (yes I know, thank god my mom and dad gave them to me, otherwise it would have been that 50 dollar used one that is from 1976 and pea green in the paper).

Stipulation of Kallay & me signing the lease on the place we live in, was for the landlord to run a washer & dryer line into the apartment for us, no problem says the man, no problem at all, hey its even in the lease we signed....

What is common sense to me, and I am not an electrician, is that a dryer needs 240 volts of electricity running through the line to properly power up and work. A standard plug has 120 volts of electricity running through it, so in addition to the added water line for the washer, we need an added electric line for the dryer.....apparently my landlord decided to do this the cheap way and spliced the 240 volt line from the dryer in the apartment downstairs to create the line needed in our place, it worked for a minute and then all of a sudden my dryer has no heat.

I thought hmm, lets go flip the breakers and see if that is the problem, hmmm nope, doesnt solve the issue, so then I do what any normal person in their right mind would do and that is call an appliance repair company to fix my dryer, because its probably the heating element, I am charged 89.95 to find out that I am not getting 240 volts to my dryer, just 120 volts and that the dryer is fine but that since its one of these nifty computerized deals that it will not heat up without the correct voltage powering through it. Well hells bells....Below is the email sent to the landlord today:


I know that Kallay called you about a week ago in regards to the dryer not working correctly, I flipped the main breaker, hoping that would solve the problem and it did not, and I came to the conclusion that the heating element in my dryer was going out. I had a tech from Appliance Source come out to fix it and found out that the reason why my dryer is not getting heat, is not from the heating element going out, but that the electric line is only getting 120 volts of power, not 240 volts. I was charged 89.95 to be told that, and I still do not have a working dryer cause the line is not run correctly. I also purchased a light with a pull chain 3 weeks ago that John was aware of and it is still not installed, I don't really care about the 20 dollar cost of that light, but I am upset that I have to screw in the light bulb on the current light in that room and that I had to pay 90 bucks for someone to tell me that the Electrician you work with did not do his job correctly and that is why I cannot dry my clothes. I need to know when this is going to be fixed, and I need this money either reimbursed or taken off my rent. If it is going to be a problem for you to get out this week to take care of this, I will be more than happy to find an electrician and have a licensed contractor fix that and bring that wiring up to code and you can reimburse me the cost, if that is easier on you. Please let me know what you would like to me do.



So we shall see how this pans out come monday.....

Bella the Barkaholic:

She barks all the fucking time....
It drives me, Kallay, and Kelsey nuts, I attempt to remember the shock collar, but the majority of the time she is barking is because she wants mommy attention...
Does she not realize that I work 10 hour days M-F and then another 4 on Saturdays all of them with me having to be at work at 7:30ish????
Doesn't she know that I work to feed not only me but her as well???

Well of course NOT - shes a fucking dog, and all she knows is that I toss her ass in a cage all day and then I am tired and don't want to hear her express herself as she tells me about her day, jesus I'm an asshole sometimes.....oh well.

She gets to play with Hercules and gets to go outside and play in the leaves and has her little toys and she gets to be with me whenever I am not at work, so she does have it pretty damn good.

She really is a happy, if not always quite :)

Adventures in Online Dating at 64:
My boss is 64 years old, has been married 4 different times, and had decided it is time to get out there again to try and find Mrs. Right....

Un huh, and I am in the know with this knowledge because yesterday he comes up to me and says: "I need you to make one of those ads for me next week", to which I respond "hmm, what ads?" "Like an ad jim had, you know on the computer" he says, and the grossness of the situation sets in as the realization that my boss is asking me to create an online singles ad for him settles into the depth of hell that is my brain. EWWWEEE!

This guy is my boss! He is Sixty-Fucking-Four Years old!!! Yes everyone deserves a chance at love I am down with that shiz, but seriously, hes had 4 chances and um it didnt work out. So I need some help with this little project, what is a good tagline to bring in the age appropriate ladies for him? All answers will be welcome....I will definitely keep you all updated on this situation.

Possums & Dryers:
I have a fear of possums, I just thought I saw one in my dryer, yes the one that does not work, I made Kelsey come in here to the cold room to make sure there wasn't anything "alive" in the dryer, all is safe for now, but you never know when or where a possum might be hiding out.....

Peace Out CubScouts.....


"The little things that make life suicidal......"
You are fabulous for this.

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