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By iTeresa

Its now day 3.....

Uk! Having to deal with customers staring at me all day, waiting for a stupid tow truck to bring their car literally across the street to program the computer at their dodge. Craziness ensues and I am stuck driving the couple home cause they're car didnt get towed until 30 minutes before we, and dodge, closed for the day. They are of course evil, what with their constant in and out smoking, as I sit here jittery and nervous, eating a ungodly amount of atomic fireballs to stave off the craving of nicotine. All I want is a cigarette and almost grab one from Jerry one of the mechanics in the shop, but no I hold back and eat another fireball instead.....But at least I have something to look forward to tomorrow, the premier of Twilight comes out and I have already purchased some tickets off of the fandango website :) and its Thursday :) Greys Anatomy night, woo hoo.

I woke up to Bella barking her happy head off, begging my boyfriend to take her out for me, since 25 degrees is not a happy place for me, ever. I drag myself into Kallays room to discover Hercules all by himself, pink pjs on the bed, and no kallay, no kallay purse, no kallay keys, and most of all no kallay to make coffee. hmmmm wonder where she is??? Possibly at McP's???? I am pretty sure that is where she is cause there was no note, no text message, nothing, and she knows I am not going to be happy about all of that. I am agitated cause I am still craving cigarettes with morning coffee and want to discuss Greys some more with her and she is not here to discuss with!

So I am going to just throw this out into cyber world - what the fuck is going on with the writers???? Denny IS DEAD!!! He DIED 2 season ago, I know this, you know why I know this, I cried my heart out when he died, I own season 2 on dvd and have watched it more than once and have cried my heart out over it more than once, so why why all great writers of greys are you tormenting Izzie and us with dead Denny??? WHY? I can only surmise from the "I am here for you" bs you continually have dead denny spouting that your going to kill off Izzie, which is going to piss me off like no other, ya just had to get this out there.

Anyways, I am sitting here at work, eating my orange cranberry muffin from starbucks and drinking my venti latte and hoping the day goes quickly so I can go home, veg, and then go to the movies.....blah, I just feel it in my bones though its going to be another one of those days.


i left you a note. apparently i hid it by the coffeemaker that only *i*, the great barista, knows the location of and use for. :) i love you! and i hate GA writers for bringing back DD. it's stupid and if they kill izzie i will consider boycott until the following week when a new epi comes on and i get sucked in.

that is all.

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