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Ok so you know how I got offered the job at Best Buy & I took it and worked there, well last Thursday I went by Transmission World to call the Indians again to attempt once again to get their .com moved (I have a few long term customers I will ALWAYS take care of, including Hickory Hill Kennels & Intensity Academy as well). Anyways, I walk on in to talk to Gus & to collect $100 bucks from Jim for doing an awesome logo & div overlay for his band, when I find out that Jim is gone (either to HI or WA) along with my moola and Gus is out an office manager, well fuckity mcfuck. So I do what I do best, I sell myself to Gus, lol not literally, but I tell him that he should give me the job, cause I'm like perfect for the position, and....I wouldn't have to continue stocking up an empty store and I won't have to work retail on Black Friday. And guess what, he gives me the job and I make more than what Best Buy was paying, and I don't have to work at night, suuuwheat!!!

Yep then I head over to Best Buy and tell them thank you for the opportunity, but something came along that is more along the lines of my experience and background and they are cool with it and I start work at Transmission World the following day. My first day of work is awesome, as is the 3 1/2 hour shift I work on Saturday. I then head home, to get my Bella when Kallay locks us out of the house, AGAIN! and to top it off the spare keys are in the house because she locked herself out the night before and had to use them to get in and didn't put them back. Fuck, no cigs, no phone, no keys and its fucking COLD out. Kallay had her phone, I call Kelsey and he comes to the rescue with his keys and lets us in, woohoo, gotta love having a boyfriend that lives close :). I grab my Bella and then head up to Rick & Andreas', armed with Kallays camera, full battery power and 4gig card, to take pictures of all the new puppies :). I love taking puppy pictures and getting to hang with Rick & Andrea, even if it means I have to battle the driveway from hell. Let me just say, I never ever ever drive up their driveway, I always call them when I get there and either Rick or Andera walk down and drive me up and then drive me back down when I go to leave. Its like a 1/4 mile long and like straight up in the air to the top of the moutain their house sits on.....

As everyone knows, I just got rid of my little convertible and got an 04 Explorer 4x4, and guess what, I for the first time in knowing Rick & Andrea for the past year, drove myself up their driveway, hehe, even shaking & terrified the entire time (I am extremely afraid of heights). I'm so proud of myself :) for overcoming a fear of mine :).

So I spend the next 6 hours taking pictures, smoking cigs, drinking coke and bullshitting with them, I get the pics loaded onto their computer and tell Andrea about my space and that they have classifieds we can post her puppies on and link it all to her website, well of course she is 100% interested and is all about that shiz, so I tell her that I will set it up and make a super awesome background and that is what I spend my Sunday working on. Sunday night sucked though. I am clumsy as all get out and my idiot ass managed to trip over Herc, go flying, and about knock myself out on the kitchen table, new bruises all around, yeah :).

Anyways, its now Wednesday, my baby is at the vet, getting spayed and her hernia fixed, as is my sisters puppy, so far so good. I can't wait till the end of today so that I can go and get her and love on her.

Till the next time, Peace out,



love on her?

are you into that kind of stuff?

i had no idea....

tee hee...

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