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Oh yes, it started with the godawful noise of Kallays phone screeching at 6:45am, my awesome roommate set the alarm 15 minutes early on her day off to get up and make me coffee, I love her, but I don't love mornings in the least. I drag myself out of bed at 7:11am and grab my steaming cup of coffee, mmmmm, glup glup, fucking bella whining, uk, put some clothes on and some eyeliner & mascara, pick up my puppy and snap her leash on and trop down the stairs to take her out. Good puppy, back up the stairs gathering up things I will need for the day, cigs, cell, purse, keys, glup glup with the coffee, run back down to Kallays car to gank the CD David made for her (gonna have to burn me a copy), say bye to Kallay and tell Bella to be a good girl and am out the door by 7:42am and make it to work right on time :)

We do the happy cheers (yep we are all cheerleaders at Best Buy!) and are split into groups of who does what to get the products from boxes to shelves. I am placed in Media along with 5 others (more to come later on of course) and face one of the scariest things I've ever seen...4 pallets of these little boxes (I guesstimate theres about 6k CDs to a pallett) labeled on each box what genre they are and with little codes like abb - abu but hundreds and hundreds of boxes like this, that we are supposed to sort by genre and then alphabetize, huh? I am pretty sure I remember management they were hiring me to answer phones and stuff, aparently the "stuff" is inventory & merchandising, which everyone is doing, this is not normal of course, but since this is a NEW store that won't even be open for 3 weeks, the entire staff gets to help setup the entire store. Woohoo, I guess.

Let me just say that I am not the "labor" type. Yeah I have waited tables and stuff, but this is completely different. I am used to sitting in front of a computer and typing and answering phones and whatnot, I am used to business meetings and contracts followed by credit card numbers and checks for payment, not dust and cardboard and attempting to open a box with keys because I don't own a box cutter. Now lets get to sorting, alphabetizing, placing the CDs on the racks in the correct order - Can I just say KILL ME?? Oh ok, fine don't but seriously this shit sucks. My hands hurt, my back hurts, and I smell like dusty cardboard. I feel like I got my ass kicked and I have to do this kind of shit for the rest of the week. I realize I have had it easy and damnit I want easy back. Thankfully this is going to last until Saturday (I work everyday till and including Saturday) and then the "real" training for my actual positon begins, thankfully.

I came home to paint on my puppy and the first coat of pure white over the primer on the cabinets, thank god, no more green.....

Until the next time,

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