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Every year on October 31st this awesomeness called Halloween occurs. Halloween of course is considered by most as just another mass market holiday (it is the second largest retail holiday, next to Christmas). But the origins of Halloween are extremely interesting and I pulled the following information from Wikipedia about Halloween.

Halloween has its origins in the ancient Celtic festival known as Samhain (Irish pronunciation:[ˈsˠaunʲ]; from the Old Irish samain). The festival of Samhain is a celebration of the end of the harvest season in Gaelic culture, and is sometimes regarded as the "Celtic New Year."festival was a time used by the ancient Celtic pagans to take stock of supplies and slaughter livestock for winter stores. The ancient Gaels believed that on October 31, now known as Halloween, the boundary between the living and the deceased dissolved, and the dead become dangerous for the living by causing problems such as sickness or damaged crops. The festivals would frequently involve bonfires, into which bones of slaughtered livestock were thrown. Costumes and masks were also worn at the festivals in an attempt to mimic the evil spirits or placate them.

So yes, history is interesting, but you know whats even more interesting? My life on a holiday! I love holidays, and Halloween is definitely one of my favorites. I also am all about little gifts and I went to Target on Thursday and bought 4 little Halloween box thingys and got a bag of yummy candy and a can of black olives for the guys at work, if you've been reading my recent posts you would know that I am happily employed at Transmission World and I work with 4 guys. My boss Gus (who does not eat anything with sugar in it, hence the black olives) and 3 mechanics. I also got a black "cauldron" for the customers who came in throughout the day. Everyone of course loves me because of this.

I finally went as "Wednesday Addams" this year and my sidekick, aka Kallay, went as a 20's Flapper girl. The plan was to come home from work, get some liqour and start getting ready so I would not be as rushed as I always seem to be when it comes to anything fun, Dawn & Adrian were going to come over before we all went out and have some drinks and then take the cab (that I reserved in advance) at 11pm to Hanna's in the Old City. Kelsey decided to go as a monk and was going to meet up with us later on because he wanted to go to Valirium. Of course nothing went according to the "plan".

I get off work, Dawn calls me and asks if I would go out to moms to pick up 50 bucks for her, ok no problem cause I wanted my coupon book I was forced into buying. I got stuck over there for an hour, but managed to swipe a vase with bead things in it cause my mom has a gazillion of them anyways. Then I went to the liqour store and got some Bombay Sapphire Gin and hit Krogers to get some Sprite (so far I'm a little behind my original schedule, but nothing major). I then head home and this is when it all went downhill. Remember my post about locking myself out of everything and the part where the one time I was locked out wasn't really my fault cause the interior door is the one I don't have a key for and I had to reach through the little broken window to unlock? Yeah well that door was locked and the fucking window was fixed. So I was offically locked out, and I couldn't get the landlord on the phone, I called Kallay at work, said it was an emergency to get her on the phone and got Maintenance John's phone number. I call him up and he tells me that only Trevor (guy that lives downstairs, who is obvisiously not home) and Russ (building owner) have the key to that door. Well fuck, I need to get in the house, dogs need to go potty, and fuck its COLD outside, damnit! He says he will call me right back, and I say, I am going to call a locksmith if this is not resolved pretty damn soon. I get a callback from MJ (Maintenance John) and he tells me to call a locksmith he can't get Trevor or Russ on the phone. So I have to wait an hour for a locksmith, who kindly comes out and cannot pick the lock, oh why you ask? Because the door is apparently as old as the house, 100 years old to be exact. Hmm, so what am I supposed to do? I am considering breaking that window out AGAIN, but all of a sudden, mclocksmith manages to get a piece of plastic wedged in the door and it swings inward with a groan, at the exact time Kallay gets home from work, woo hoo. Lets Get Drunk, I Need to get Inebriated! I pay the nice man his 65 dollars, run upstairs to collect my Bella (Its 8:15pm at night, she went out before I went to work at 6:45am that morning, poor puppy, and did not go in the house at all, all day long!). I get my reciept from mclocksmith and vow to short my rent the 65 it cost for this because they are ALL aware Kallay & I don't have keys for that door.

Kelsey shows up at the same time, beers are popped and gin & tonics poured, we start to get ready for the real fun :) I take a shower and then eat a sandwich (I don't want tonight to end in the bathroom passed out on the nice cool porclien of the toilet). I have Kallay glue on some fake lashes (ok biggest waste of money ever, my natural lashes are as long as the fakes, all they did was make mine look thicker). Then we start doing our makeup, which I must say came out 100% awesome! I through on my dress, my spiderweb stockings, my shoes. My hair goes in braids and on goes some lipstick, I am almost ready to go, I hunt down my wristlet and start stuffing money, license, and cigarettes into it, as Dawn & Adrian show up, late of course, and we run down the stairs to take some pics in the awesome light of the foyer, and to our dismay realize the cab is here and leave our coats at home so we don't have to deal with coat check, a little cold never hurt anyone (right???). We giggle and take pictures in the cab, Dawn is a referee and Adrian is a Proctologist (Dr. Harry Fingerman) hahaha. Taxi Allen serenades Kallay and then we get his cell phone number to call him when we are ready to leave. And into Hanna's we go, and it is packed at 11pm, which is SUPER early! We drink and dance and drink and dance, we take pictures and make fun of other chicks and stupid costumes and bad dancers, and generally act like we always do. We have fun fun fun :), the bad time of being locked out and mclocksmith fade from my mind and the party time spirit takes me away.

1:30am: I am tired, I didn't get my nap because of being locked out, Kelsey is supposed to meet us at 2am, only a half hour to go, Dawn & Adrian are tired too, and Kallay is going strong, I am also fucking Starving, alchol has started to wear off, and weariness is setting in, my feet are hurting and all I can think of is bed, soft, fluffly bed, after a greasy cheesey omlet from Waffle House. There are 50 million people stuffed like sausages inside Hanna's and its like being birthed everytime you walk accross the floor. I plop my ass down on a couch and take pictures of Kallay dancing and giggle at what comes out of the abyss of the dark on that little LCD screen. 1:55am, no word from Kelsey yet, so I text him and ask him where he is, whats going on. He is hunting down David to catch a ride to Hanna's and Kallay wants David to come in so they can "talk". He doesn't want to have to park and I tell Kallay we can just meet them at home and she can talk to David there. I hand Dawn Kallays cell and tell her to call taxi Al to come and get our drunk asses - FUCK he is in west knoxville. We are outside in the freezing ass cold, like seriously its 32 degrees out and we have no coats, nothing. We are calling all the taxi companies and everyone says the same thing, we are trying to get cabs down there now. Fuckity McFuck! Kallay calls Kelsey and asks him to have David pick us up, since he is sober and can drive (I am also sober and slightly regret not taking my truck at this point since my truck is nice and heated). David refuses to get us (he has to take Ben home, what he can't pick us up with Ben and then just take Ben home first???) Seriously this is bullshit, Kelsey is now pissed pissed pissed because he refused to pick us up knowing we were out in the cold with no coats or anything. Taxi Al shows up ten minutes later, we love him love him love him, I tip him extra for hauling ass to get downtown to get us.

We get home, head up the stairs, Dawn & Adrian go home, and I crawl into bed, fully dressed, and tell Kallay to come and cuddle with me & Kelsey. She is upset about David and slamming doors and blaming his assholishness on herself, and I am half asleep as I huddle under the covers trying to warm up. Bella wraps herself around my head and I fall asleep, fully dressed, stockings, bra, dress, & fake lashes still on, and sleep till 9:24 this morning, I drink some water, put some pjs on, and go back to sleep till my mom calls me at 11. I finally get up, wash my makeup off, and peel off my fake lashes. Head out to starbucks and bring home the nectar of life for me and Kallay. What a wonderful feeling, the headache and the soreness of dancing in heels. I hate the stairs today and hope Bella won't have to go outside too much,and thats the tale of my latest adventure in Halloween. Go to myspace to view all the pictures of last night.

Till next time.....



sans david drama.... we had a b l a s t.

the bed spinning wasn't so fun though...

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