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Monday Morning starts off with having to drag myself out of my warm bed to take Bella outside, where she is not happy about having to get her stubby legs wet from the grass, no wonder, she barely stands taller than the grass what with her being all of 12 inches tall. She does her business and beelines it up the stairs to start the day off chasing and barking at the cats, until I feed her and then she calms down for the 2.2 seconds it takes her to eat. I shower, dress, kiss the puppy and off to work I go.

About noonish, I come home to take her outside, where she refuses to poo and I am not in a good mood about this because I KNOW that when I
come home again after work, I am sure to find a present under my living room window, I am kind of upset about this, but what can I do? 445 rolls around I hit the house and amazingly there is no presents for me and out we go again, where again she refuses to go to the bathroom, wtf??? Is she mad at me for working so much?? Today is the day I am supposed to start my "server" job because I am broke broke broke! And now I am most definality coming home to a present under the window, but I have to leave otherwise I will be late. I walk in at 9pm and still there are no presents, woohoo, shes a good puppy :), we go outside and she does her business and all is right in the world.

I eat my dinner of tacobell and realize that I smell like stale food from working in a restaurant and head to the shower, all the while bella is chasing the cats and barking like a mad dog. Ohhh hot water, peaceful music playing on the ipod....wait....hmmm its Very Quite for my household.....wonder why I don't hear Bella.........finish my shower quickly and jump out and onto my last roll of tp, soggy tp all over the bathroom and happy bella ripping it to shreds ALL over my place, not just the bathroom, but the bedroom, living room, foyer, EVERYWHERE.

Below are the pictures I took of her being the little demon she is....

How she managed to get to the toilet paper on the back of the toilet is beyond me, I think one of the cats had a hand in helping her, but until I catch them in the act, oh well.....

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your cats are probably helping her because they want to see her get in trouble. everyone knows cats are evil. lol so when you said awww instead of AHHHH!!! i'm sure your cats were pissed.

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