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The magical number 3.5 years.......
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The magical number of 3.5. I moved to San Diego a few months after I turned 21 and lived there right at 3.5 years before deciding that I wanted to be closer to my family and moved to Hilton Head in Oct of 04. Its now been 3.5 years since I moved to Hilton Head and I have decided to move back to Knoxville, back to where my family and my business is.

Everyone wants to know why I am moving, why I am leaving the resort island I live on to go back to Knoxville, with no beach and oh my God, snow in the winter time. So is it because I have the urge to move every 3.5 years? Or is it because my family is here? Or is it because the company I helped build is located here? Or is it all of the above? I suspect that some of you think it has to do with Kelsey (my boyfriend, who lives here in Knoxville). So I am writing this blog to let everyone know my reasonings why I am moving back to where I started so long ago.

Reason Numero Uno ->
Family -
I miss my family. I worry about my mother doing too much. I worry about my grandmother who is 88 years old. I worry about my sister and her semi-crazy relationship with her boyfriend (who I put into the brother category). I worry about my son, who lives with my parents. I worry about my father who trys so hard now to make sure we have everything we need, who gardens like a farmer so that we don't have to eat vegetables treated with pesticides and buys whole organic cows so that if something crazy happens we will have healthy food stocked up (ya hes kind of out there). I miss my family. I miss their weirdness. I miss seeing why they are laughing like crazy instead of hearing it on the phone or the story later. I want to see mini-me grow and learn and I want to see our family be one again, instead of me being a 6 hour drive away and hearing it all second hand.

Numero Dos ->
The Companies, D1 & WOL
Yep thats right theres two of them. What did you all think I played around when I said I was working....again??? Yep so I own WOL with my mom, sis, & bro. I run the operations of the entire company and I enjoy what I do. I have a couple of customer service people who answer the phones and deal with voicemail and getting the welcome info out to the new customers. We have been growing as a company, we are now up to eight callcenters contracted to sell for us...It is time I am available on an all the time basis here in Knoxville. I am needed in the office and I need to know what is going on, instead of hearing it second hand. So I am coming back, for good.

Well there really isn't a number 3. Yes I met an amazing guy the last time I was up here. His name is Kelsey. I met him in a bar, never thought it would go past that night. He gave me his number. I called him, not expecting him to call me back after that, and he did. We talked on the phone everyday for hours and still are, even though I have been up here the last week. Its ironic that I moved away from Knoxville 7 years ago and then meet Kels and like I said before he is amazing. I really think that we can go somewhere and really have a shot at happiness. But again, as excited as I am to have the chance to see where we can go, I am moving up here for my family and for my job.

So to all of my awesome friends in south carolina & georgia - I love you all and I will come to visit, but I am moving back to be with my family in the city I grew up in.


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