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The Travelling Gods - They don’t love Kallay at all......
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Hey everyone so its been awhile since I wrote a blog and let me tell you I have a funny one to write tonight. So as I am sure most of you know in myspaceland, Kallay went home to MI for a few days to visit Ed & see her family and spend some time with her Grandmother before her surgery today. As a side note her Grandmothers surgery went very well and she is doing fine.

So also as you all know we had quite the fiasco coming back from Tampa at the beginning of the year, what with the car dropping the clutch and getting stranded in BFE FL and then a barrell jumping out and attacking her when we went back a week later to get the newly fixed car (thus wrecking it again). What you probably don't know is that she went to Charleston a week or so later and got so backwards lost that she actually had to call a friend to guide her back to the correct highway to get home.

So middle of the night Saturday going into Sunday - 330am I am driving Kallay down to Savannah to catch her 530am flight to Detroit with a short layover in Charlotte NC. I drop Kallay off at the gate and head back to Hilton Head to go to sleep. Anyways, she gets to the airport, security is not even opened yet, so she waits for them to open up security, she gets to her gate and the flight says its leaving 45 minutes later than what her pass says, they then annouce it is leaving 45 minutes and from a different gate, so she is now concerned about making the second flight from Charlotte. Finally her flight leaves and she makes it to NC with about 10 minutes to spare, she gets to the correct gate & finds out that flight is delayed as well, because the flight attendant didnt show up. She waits another 45 minutes until someone shows up to fill in and finally is on her way to Detroit, where Ed can't meet her because of a family emergency.

I basically did not hear from her again until 6 in the morning on Wed when she was supposed to fly back. 6am in the morning is closer to my bedtime than when I actually get up in the morning/afternoon. Anyways, Kallay calls me to let me know her flight is delayed (surprise surprise) and the reason this time is because one of the ENGINES won't start - wtf???? I would have gotten off that plane and taken a later flight, she is being routed through Atlanta to get to Savannah this trip. Kallay waits forever and finally lands in Atlanta 10 minutes after her connecting flight took off, now stuck in ALT airport for 3 1/2 hours till the next flight leaves. 1:43pm fianlly rolls around and she is heading to Savannah, with a land time of 2:48pm, of course I head down there about 2pm to meet her at the airport.

I run into a parking lot called I95 Southbound and sit sit sit, with the great phone call at 2:20pm informing me the plane landed early, fun fun, I was trying my best to get down there and had no choice but to wait for the idiot construction guys to get off the damn freeway! It amazes me that construction is done in the middle of the day here instead of the middle of the night like most places since it is not as busy then, but far be it from me to know what is up. Needless to say I finally get Kallay, we finally head home together and this is when I have come up with this observation, in the past 60 days, Kallay has gone on 3 trips. On each trip something weird & crazy happend, from the car breaking down, to a barrell jumping out, to getting lost like no ones business, to airplane/airport hell, Kallay should not travel. I have driven all over the country by myself, have flown 4 or 5 times in the last couple of years, go back and forth to TN every 8 weeks or so and never had one of these things happen to me, I don't get it, but I don't think she should travel, she should learn to love Hilton Head and stay here, otherwise she is apparently in a world of trouble......


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