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Its 6:55 on Tuesday and it has been one of those days. It all started at 9:07 this morning with a phone call from my mother asking about faxes and emails and what nots. So I drag myself out of bed and attempt to fax 30 pages of info to her on my crappy Sharp fax machine, of course the feed is not working and I am trying to fax one page at a time and it kept getting jammed, only about 5 pages of the thirty faxed correctly. I get another phone call from my sister - on my mothers behalf of course - asking about the ILD email and the 30 page fax, I explain to her, or attempt to explain, that my fax machine is not working, I have to tell her this like 5 times at which point she is screaming at me and I hang up the phone on her. She calls me right back, fuck I don't want to deal with them. I pick up the phone and she makes the suggestion, can't you use the machine in the business center downstairs - OMG I totally forgot about that, so I tell her I will do that in a few, as soon as I get this ILD email done.

Kallay gets up and starts talking about all the stuff she has to do today and I decide to write a list (she thinks I am going to write a list of the stuff she needs to do and starts begging me to let her write the list) I inform her the list is stuff I need to get done, so we write out seperate lists of shit to do. I look over my page of stuff to do, and wonder if I will get it finished by the end of today. First on that list is getting that fax out, so I head downstairs to the business center and start faxing everything out, at which point Kevin walks out of his office and informs me that their fax machine works backwards from evey other fax machine I have ever used, the pages have to be facing up - WTF???? So I start my fax over, pages facing up, not down and finally get this shit sent out. As I am walking over to the car I see Kallay downstairs and ask if she is about ready to go out to State Farm and Barnes & Noble for some errors she needs to run, and this is the point where the day takes a dark turn........

She informs me that she got some bad news, I ask what it is as she starts walking up the stairs to get her purse and says over her shoulder that her grandmother has breast cancer, I am shocked and not shocked at the same time. We knew there was a possibility of it, but we thought the biopsy was clear, and apparently it wasn't. So now Kallay is being a turtle and hiding in her own world and not talking about her feelings, same thing she always does when she gets bad news. And I am praying that it is going to be ok and am going to find pink ribbion magnets to stick on our cars in support. I hope all my friends on here will pray too, cause this sucks for her and her family.

As for the rest of the day, it was beautiful, sunny skies with 70 degree weather and actually finished everything on the list that could possibly be done today, so other than my depressed roommate and me feeling bad for her and wondering if there is anything I can do for her, besides provide doritios and shredded cheese (her fav comfort food), its been an overall decent day.


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