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Thank God Monday is OVER!!!
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So here I am at 11:48pm and Monday is almost over - THANK GOD!!!!! So my day started out horrible and ended up pretty good. I couldn't sleep again last night, finally ended up drugging myself with some tyenol pm and fell asleep around 4ish. I woke up with a migrane that bled over from Sunday am still not sure why I felt like such shit yesterday, let me tel l you that, aspirin, advil, and tyenol all in the same day wreak havoic on your stomach. I am left with a burning sensation in my belly that is not going away for the life of me.

Lets start with that lovely 9am phone call from mom - the toll free number is down, get up call it and see if its working - fuck me I've only been sleeping like 5 hours and I am drugged up and can hardly make it from the bed to the living room to find the house phone. I make the call, the lines are working fine, I crash out for another hour until I get another call - Get Russ on the phone find out why the wire isn't in. So I get up at this point, no more sleeping for me I guess. I call Russ and find out our funding is fucked up and it might not come in. What the Fuck so does this mean I might not get paid????? I call my mother in a panic and relay the news and tell her to get Jack & Uncle Anthony on the phone for backup. Finally our money comes in and I am still battling this migrane and stomach pains from too much aspirin and coffee. I finally break down and call the doc up asking for samples of the migrane meds I cannot afford, I leave two messages on the voice mail about this, wondering if I will ever get a callback.......

Woo Hoo Donna finally calls me back and lets me know I can come and pick up 4 migrane pills (this equals about $240 if I would have had to pay) but the catch is I have to drive to the main office in Beaufort to get it - way shitty driving with a migrane.....So I head out there after fed ex'ing the rent out to NJ, driving like a bat out of hell since I am late AGAIN. I personally think that it is impossible for me to get anywhere on time, of course while driving to Beaufort, I pass Matt on his way to my house on the Island, I of course do not see him because I am intent on getting to the doctors before they close and he asks me why I did not call him and just have him pick them up for me instead of driving out there myself, well hell I did text him, he didnt answer me back, whats a girl to do?

Anyways, when I finally made it back from the adventure in getting to Beaufort from Hilton Head in less than an hour, I finally got a chance to chill with my way cool friend, eat some mac & cheese, and watch some tv. The migrane is finally gone - for now - Kallay is home and being semi normal tonight - and I think I may actually attempt to get to sleep at a decent time tonight, now that I don't feel like cutting my own head off to make the pain go away......

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