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So as I am sure you all know I have three beautiful cats, they are:



As you can see by their pictures they are all cute and super fuzzy long haired kitties. Now I love my cats dearly and my cats love me as well (or so I hope and pray after tonight). Since my cats are all long haired they all get those nasty matts in their fur. So I of course have 2 solutions to keeping the matts out of their fur, pay 75 bucks per cat and take them to the groomers or shave them with my handy bikini clippers I picked up at Wallyworld for 15 bucks. Me being broke all the time, chose option two and have put those handy bikini clippers to good use on my cats. (I would like you all to know that these clippers were purchased soley for my cats, not my personal use).

Tonight I decided that it was about time to shave the cats again, and I do not mean shave all their fur off, just thin them out in the problem areas, armpits, legpits, belly and bottom areas. So I grab Moonlight first since he is the most well behaved when it comes to me messing around with him & head out to the patio. He squirms a bit, and then decides that it is useless fighting me and holds still for me to shave off the matts and thin out the problem areas. I get done in about 10 minutes with him and let him back in the house.

At this point I start hunting down Frodo, the most ill tempered and mean kitty in history, I catch her unawares and take her outside. She is not a happy kitty at this point. She immediately starts squirming and trying to wiggle free, but I have dealt with her antics before and happily start shaving away. Frodo is the worse with matts in both armpits, legpits, and bottom areas. I get her armpits shaved in about 1/2 an hour, and attempt to start working on the bottom area, she is having none of it and I have to beg the help of my awesome roommate to hold her down, knowing that Frodo is a biter if she gets a chance. Kallay comes outside and holds Frodo up by the armpits as she tries to shield her wrists from being bit and I shave the rest of her matts out, she of course squirms, growls, and attempts to escape the entire time, but finally after another 10 minutes she is matt free and we let her back inside.

I go looking for Midnight (who watched the entire show with Frodo from the window) and realize that he has no matts, so he escapes the clippers this time.

So to all my friends in myspace land, if you decide you want kitties, keep in mind if they are long haired you have to keep them groomed somehow otherwise they will get those gross little fur matts in not so fun places and unless your super rich your going to have to learn to shave them yourself, haha.

As a side note, neither I nor Kallay won powerball tonight :(

Have a good nite, peace.


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