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Turning into a quitter....
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FUCK - ok so I read my roommates fucking blog tonight and have found out that she is going to quit smoking. Fucking Oprah & Dr. Oz warped her fucking brain. So you know I promised Karrisa that this was going to be the year I quit smoking and I seriously consider it the year I will quit.

But here is my issue, I figured I have the entire rest of the year to enjoy my yucky habit of lighting up my yummy marlboro reds and inhaling that smoke. But thanks to Dr. Oz & Oprah, Kally is quitting on Feb 14, because that is a month before her birthday so she will apparently not crave the cigs when she gets plastered ass drunk in Savannah on a 3 day binge we all like to refer to as St. Patricks Day.

I now have resolved to never leave Kallay alone because she comes up with these damn ideas when i am not home! Now I am going to have to quit at the same time, it is just plain uncomfortable living in the house with a non-smoker. Fuck - I am not ready to give up my bad habit! But I guess I really am, I have been saying forever that I need to quit, and now that I am exercising more, maybe I won't get fat in the process. I have sworn revenge on Kally for this, I have informed her I will quit as well at the same time, cause its going to be a living hell both of us off the nic and mom (my full blooded silcilan mother) as of last week stopped taking her lexapros, oh you ask what is lexapro?, well that is a nifty little happy pill that my mother has been on for the last 5 years to keep her happy (it works to an extent to say the least), so I shall keep you all posted on the updates of our living hell. No nic, my lovely mother not on happy pills, and general chaos of our lives.

I hope you are happy Oprah, Dr. Oz, & Karrisa...


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